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Murder by Media

Death of Democracy
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in Australia


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Read about the reporting ethics of The Courier-Mail's editor, Chris Mitchell.



So you erroniously believed that we had a free press in Australia?

You are not alone!

The media in Australia is a disgrace as this best selling book reveals. The book is an expose on the corruption and unethical reporting practices of the Murdoch and Packer press.

The book is today used as a handbook for students in journalism at many Australian Universities.

It is now nearly sold out with just a few copies remaining for sale. 

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Go to archive of the Australian Daily Issues paper (@notd)
See a current example of how the Murdoch media cover-up the truth for their political mates - "it's good business".


In-your-face liberalism

"I gave a speech at a journalistic convention five or six years ago. These are not beginning journalists. These are young, in their late 20s. I made the mistake of talking about the ideal of objectivity and this murmur of dissent just swept through the room. They had been conditioned to believe objectivity is a white male thing to hide power relationships. Once you equate knowledge with ideology, everything is unhinged in a college.

"A lot of people actually believe that knowledge is an expression of white male ideology. If you believe that, then it is no longer necessary to argue or have free debate or be embarrassed when you suppress ads or speakers. Because it's our discourse vs. their discourse and you want your discourse or your narrative or your story to win. So now you're telling them it's OK to suppress other peoples' points of view. So you're saying that truth, objectivity or reason are all part of a hegemony that needs to be overthrown. And you are asking minorities to take shelter behind a set of beliefs that are impervious to rational analysis. Not everyone believes this, but that is the reigning ideology that sits on the campuses today.

"It's a very serious situation. There's an intellectual, moral corruption here that people haven't faced yet. What you have close to here is a religion the elites have adopted in this country. There aren't any liberals left in America; the Hubert Humphrey or George McGovern liberal who believes in openness, 1964 Civil Rights Act, pluralism, respecting other peoples' beliefs. That's a fading form of liberalism. What you're getting now is the hard-nosed, in-your-face, oppressive kind."

— Columnist John Leo in a speech given Monday at the National Press Club