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Latest Redux: Saturday 19th August 2017

Welcome to our Unshackled Redux Newsletter, your weekly summary of all the news, commentary and content that appears on The Unshackled where we aim to break the chains of control from the enemies of freedom and liberty. Below is our content published for this week including our videos, podcasts and articles. Don't forget to check out our upcoming events including a very special book launch. Please also consider supporting our work. If you would like to contribute content to the Unshackled or have any tips please contact us via email at

The news this week has got particularly wild to put it mildly. Australian politics was dominated this week by the revelation that Barnaby Joyce of all people was a New Zealand citizen by decent. On the basis of Section 44 of the Constitution he looks to be ineligible to sit in parliament. Some are saying this section is being interpreted too strictly by the High Court, but most Australians believe these politicians are just being sloppy and it should not be excused. Another twist in this saga was Coalition accusing Labor of conspiring with the New Zealand Labour Party to bring down the Australian Government. Then we learned on Thursday evening that Deputy Nationals Leader Fiona Nash has British citizenship by descent and she has been refereed to the High Court, Nick Xenophon yesterday was also unsure if he had British citizenship and has been added to the list.

The big international story was the Unite the Right Rally to protest removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was mainly organised by alt-right and white nationalists groups  so of course leftists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter arrived to counter protest. The resulting violence resulted in a protestor being killed when a car plowed through a group of protestors, injuring many others. All the media commentary is about how awful this rally was as it was attended by white supremacists and neo-Nazis and they have blamed Trump for enabling them. Trump has correctly stated their was violence on both sides and the ďalt-leftĒ as he called them instigated the violence. It should be highlighted that you can disagree with organisers of the rally but still defend their right to free speech and highlight the violence and intimidation of the left, which regardless of who it is aimed at is still abhorrent.

We saw the beginning of the same sex marriage plebiscite campaign by both sides of the debate. It looks like it will be close with the betting markets tightening, there has also been a massive spike in electoral enrollments. There are a lot of claims of bullying, cries of hate speech and playing the victim going on from both sides. We hope that we can focus on the issue itself as it is an important question to consider.

To top the week off Pauline Hanson turned up to Question Time in the Senate on Thursday dressed in a full burqa. Hanson is not known for these sort of stunts so it came out of nowhere. It triggered George Brandis and was condemned by her usual critics. There is a lot of debate about whether this stunt was appropriate, whose aim it was to bring attention to the issue of burqa. But given that even the progressive politicians were confronted by Hanson wearing it demonstrates that it is a garment that is an affront of Australian cultural norms.

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