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VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward | Pedophiles Down Under

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VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward

by Fiona Barnett on December 1, 2015

GORDON MY ERS (dob 19/3/1965) born Sutherland Hospital.

Indigenous Victim of Stolen Generation

Sparked the Wood Royal Commission

Testified to the current Child Abuse Royal Commission

Franca Arena’s key witness

Bill Heffernan referred to his police statements on 20 Oct 2015

Prostituted / witnessed child prostitution at:

‘THE WALL’ Darlinghurst

COSTELLOS Boy brothel club in Kings Cross run by Trimboli

The BOULEVARD HOTEL Kings Cross / Darlinghurst

The boys were prostituted and sex trafficked to these locations by staff at CHARLTON ANGLICAN BOY S’ HOME, Ashfield (aka ‘Milleewa’ & ‘Robinson House’). They were taken there by Father BRIAN PECKOVER who has retired to Carindale, Brisbane.

VIP paedophiles Gordon Myers was prostituted to / witnessed at these venues:

BOB CARR – politician

STUART WAGSTAFF – entertainer

KIM BEAZLEY Snr – Politician

MARCUS EINFELD – Federal judge

GOUGH WHITLAM – Prime Minister

JOE HASHAM – entertainer

GRAEME BLUNDELL (‘Alvin Purple’) – entertainer


GRAHAM KENNEDY – entertainer

BERT NEWTON – entertainer

BOB HAWKE – Prime Minister

ROBERT MENZIES – Prime Minister



VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward | Pedophiles Down Under






JOHN KERR – Governor General


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ALAN JONES – 2GB radio host

BERNARD KING – celebrity chef

BERT NEWTON prostituted his 6 year old son MATHEW NEWTON to GRAHAM KENNEDY at The

Boulevard Hotel

At age 12, Gordon Myer was showering at Charlton Anglican Home when ex-PM ROBERT MENZIES entered the bathroom to change his colostomy bag. Menzies was in a wheelchair and “smelt like shit”. ROBERT MENZIES eyed the boy’s naked body and commented, “Y OU’RE A CUTIE.”

When Gordon Myers was old enough, he and his fellow victims would go “pedo bashing.” On one occasion they noticed Bob Carr picking up a young boy at ‘The Wall’ in Darlinghurst, near st Vincent Hospital. Bob Carr was in a government vehicle – a white Fairlane with a red C number plate. Gordon Myers took a road side wooden picket and smashed Bob Carr’s car with it.

When Gordon Myers was 14, he was charged with a juvenile offence. Judge DAVID Y ELDHAM took

Gordon Myers into his chambers, pulled up his robe, exposed his penis and said, “IF Y OU DO ME A


David Y eldham’s son James can verify this. David Y eldum sexually abused his own son, James

Y eldum, a cattle farmer in Dalooloo.

Fellow child sex trafficking victims of this ring:

Fellow child sex trafficking victims of this ring:

[edited per Gordon’s request]

Graham’s best friend Wayne Nixon was murdered at age 12, in Jubilee Park, Glebe. He was raped & stabbed through the heart. Pedophile Judge David Y eldham gave the perpetrator 2 life sentences but he only served 4 years.

The Anglican Church & Prime Ministers tried to bribe victim’s silence:

Gordon Myer’s slipped 7 5k + a Commodore car.

Scott Saxby slipped 30k.

John Howard PM offered Gordon a house when he hadn’t asked for one.

After Gordon Myers testified to the Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Abuse, police tried to falsely accuse him of molesting a child. This attempt was dropped after it was realised that Gordon Myers could not physically sexually assault a child. He has never been able to have sex because his penis had been cut off at age 12 by JOHN MUNGA, nurse at DARUK TRAINING SCHOOL, Windsor, during a botched circumcision attempt. He was taken to Windsor Hospital and awoke during the operation and went into a foetal position. His penis was sewn on. He was collected by ROBERT BARRACLUFF, Senior Y outh Worker, and driven to Sutherland. When Gordon Myers questioned why he was being taken to Sutherland, Barracluff bashed him. Gordon jumped out of the car. Barracluff caught Gordon at Loftus and tried to hang him – but the rope broke.

Gordon still bears the scars of all this abuse, including being burnt in the boiler room with a stoker at the Children’s home.

Gordon Myers acknowledges the phenomenal efforts of Franka Arena, who sold her own house to fund her campaign to support victims and expose the VIP pedophile ring. Franca Arena was heavily criticised for naming judge David Y eldham and former NSW MP Frank Arkell as potential pedophiles. Arkell was murdered, Y eldham ‘suicided’.

Franca Arena tried to get Gordon Myers to publicly testify in the 1990s. When Gordon Myers arrived at the Wood Royal Commission to testify, NSW Police intervened and said, “WALK IN THAT DOOR – Y OU WON’T BE WALKING OUT!” NSW Police then locked Gordon Myers up.

Penrith and Newtown Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson (aka ‘Roger the Dodger’) was a main pedophile ring protector.



VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward | Pedophiles Down Under

The former Superintendent of DARUK TRAINING SCHOOL, ALLISTAIR WEBSTER, became a federal front bencher and is now very high up in the Roman Catholic Church in the Blue Mountains. In 2011, Allistair Webster and Ken Buttrum, the former Director General of DOCS, tried to bribe Gordon in a restaurant on the Nepean River with 20k. When Gordon refused, they, in collaboration with police, tried to set him up on the false pedophile accusation.

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Betty Drenth #

This makes me sick to the stomach. So many boys lives ruined. Gordon would be 50 yeasts old now. A father and grand father.. these grins that did this to the boys should all be jailed..I don’t care how old they are now..They’ve lived hPpy livez playing happy famelies..while they ruined others..

December 13, 2015Reply

Terrie #



I am speechless , mortified and if this is true it MUST be made public on a huge scale .




VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward | Pedophiles Down Under

December 14, 2015

Maree #

“Pedophiles Down




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OMG!!! All pedophiles should be executed as they don’t deserve the luxury of

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protected custody or tax payers dollars to fe d them. Barbaric like bastards they didn’t even treat the kids like humans.

December 15, 2015

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pauline fuller #

Why haven’t the people named been charged.

December 15, 2015


alexandria300 #

Reblogged this on 50-shades-of-abuse.

December 15, 2015


Paedophile Hater #

What the F@#K is wrong with these people? How long can Australia and the world ignore this, especially since paedophilia has risen to the forefront of society, with the exposure of Y eldam, Frank Arkell and their slimy bunch. Common sense tells us that these boys never had a chance to tell their stories because of all the protection that these scum enjoyed, isn’t it about time that the victims are heard? Come on even the best fiction writers could never make this shit up, there’s enough truth in there to make our so called leaders sit up and listen. All i can say is the only good paedophile is a dead one.

December 16, 2015Reply

Eric Woodham #

Our leaders are the pedos

December 17, 2015Reply

Ken McMurtrie #

Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:

A subject so far not included in my many injustices posts. Commonly they are reported as criminal behaviour in other countries, often reaching VERY high up the hierarchy ladder.

This report concerns Australia, “Poor Fellow, My Country, [acknowledgment Xavier Herbert],and some unexpected incredibly high officials and media personnel.

Hence the decision to post it.

Two Australian media persons at least have been convicted in the past, but that fades into insignificance (almost), given this revelation.

Mind you, we have here what is alleged and it cannot be taken as anything but hearsay, legally .

Truth or not?, hopefully will be established in a just and impartial manner. Hopefully Fiona Barnett, in offering it for sharing, will accept the responsibility