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TO Mum and Dad, my undying appreciation and eternal gratitude for their years of self-sacrifice, their unselfish work ethic and a veritable lifetime of hardship and an uphill battle to raise a "traditional family" often, in the face of political adversity….

A scenario to which many ordinary folk would equate.

TO a fine, generous, loving and loyal wife of 49 years, a wonderful mother of five great Aussie kids of whom we remain intensely proud. Thank you sincerely for your patience, your understanding and your support……for without your simple belief in faith and the ‘old mans’ passions, some would say obstinate crusade…..

The metamorphosis of Australian Spirit would have been confined to the political dust bin of history and that I believe, would have been an abject tragedy in the pursuit for Freedom of Speech, guarding our inherited, inalienable rights and ensuring that the traditional family does not become an alternate lifestyle.

FINALLY….to those tens of thousands of HEROIC young Australians who, without their self interest or self indulgence, willingly offered their lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Equally, to all those courageous men and women who returned home to their families and loved ones only to grow old and remember….. Through their proud, glorious legacy, our country remains a citadel of freedom and a beacon of hope to the dispossessed.

Together, we must preserve and secure their venture against political autocracy, elected executive dictatorship, ideological fashions and party opportunism so that their sacrifice was not committed in vain.

As I have exposed throughout numerous sequents, the new age cancer of political correctness and social engineering is quickly eroding our inheritable freedoms. These are intertwined in Magna Carta 1215 and 1297, the English Bill of Rights 1688, the Petition of Rights 1628, The Act of Settlement 1701 and several alternate ancient documents including the Australian Courts Act 1828 that still to this day remain law in Australia! Unfortunately, socialist, social engineering judges using 'their personal interpretation' of , ideological subversion, politically corrupt contamination and pathetic, weasel-arsed politicians that reflect little more than an elected political dictatorship are hell bent on destroying an evolutionary, foundation fabric that has taken our ancestors thousands of years to create and thousands more prior to realizing an amazing  achievement

(These ancient documents and correspondence confirming their legitimacy are included in the Sequent Crown v Republic for your interest!)

Rodney says: "…Bloody hell, this bloke really takes the cake........wonder what his game is?


> A PERSONAL APPRECIATION My wife Tracey for Editorial, Proof Reading and being the official "sounding board" for the entire project.  Mrs Joyce Milligan for her tireless efforts in promoting Australian Spirit and having the 'intestinal fortitude' to stand by her strength of conviction. IN MEMORY OF OUR FRIENDSHIP Ray Dickson and John Zwierzchaczewski and our shared beliefs for the future of our Australian nation. To those explorers and pioneers who discovered, traversed and built this country into a great nation .... our ancestors  A tribute to the legacy of those young Australian Men and Women who paid the 'ULTIMATE SACRIFICE'


My wife Tracey for Editorial, Proof Reading and being the official "sounding board" for the entire project.

Mrs Joyce Milligan for her tireless efforts in promoting Australian Spirit and having the 'intestinal fortitude' to stand by her strength of conviction.


Ray Dickson and John Zwierzchaczewski and our shared beliefs for the future of our Australian nation.

To the millions of ghosts and the millions of living souls who discovered, navigated, settled, chiseled, shaped, ploughed and etched our unique identity......

To those explorers and pioneers who discovered, traversed, settled and built this sunburnt country into a great nation .... our ancestors.....


A tribute to the legacy of over 100,000 young Australian Men and Women who paid the 'ULTIMATE  SACRIFICE TO PRESERVE THOSE FREEDOMS that are now under sustained attack by those that spew hatred for our British ancestry!!



Who among you are prepared to stand up and be counted.....the wolf is circling the flock picking off those who are unable to defend themselves..... who will protect you when the stragglers have been taken, who will protect you when your inalienable rights and liberties have been handed to a REPUBLIC SUPPORTED BY THE UNITED NATIONS??

(Study the brief characterization of the Sequent 'United Nations'!)

For all patriotic Australians and those who have seen Australia grow, thanks to those who 'gave their tomorrow, that we may live our todays' and to those pioneers of the last century this book is a must. This publication highlights the dangers confronting this nation, dangers over which the average Australian appears to have little control, dangers which may not be readily visible. We live in a dream world. We believe we live in a democracy governed by a political machine, from the parliamentary machine downwards, honest and incorrupt politicians, a judicial system beyond reproach. We pride ourselves on our Anglo-Saxon inheritance, our national symbols are known and respected throughout the world. So we believe. We accept migrants from other countries and welcome them into our society. Overall we are a model for other countries and we point to those military republics overseas split by civil wars and rebellions. Is this the Australian dream? What is the reality? The author highlights the problems confronting Australia's present and in the future, if we are to preserve the Australian Spirit. Globalization suggests we are no longer in control of our country and public demonstrations try to convince us of this, as we vaguely recognize the overseas control of our economy. The United Nations and the Treaties we have blindly signed suggest we no longer are in control of our Constitution. Our young people are being destroyed by drugs, supported by groups such as lesbians and homosexuals. What are governments and political parties doing about it? The essence of this book shows how political parties have been split by corruption, the legal system by improprieties, the education system riddled by "foreign" philosophies. The author has done a tremendous amount of research into all these issues which are likely to destroy the Australian Spirit. The book is well illustrated on all these popular themes, from multiculturalism to republicanism. It is well worth studying not only by academics but by "ordinary" Australians if we want to preserve the Australia for which so many gave their lives in the past. The Australian Spirit is worth fighting for. Dr Rupert Goodman AM (R'td President A.N.F.A. (Australian National Flag Association) BA., Dip.Ed., B.Ed., T.P.T.C., Phd. (A.N.U.), F.A.C.E.


Gary Blyth has put together a manuscript that informs the reader just where Australia is heading, and that is down-hill. The republic, changing the flag, homosexuality, illegal immigrants, and unemployment, are some of the challenges taken up in this book. Globalization and foreign ownership get their share of attention. 1 admire Gary Blyth for having the courage to bring these issues to the attention of ordinary Australians. Over 2,000 treaties have been signed by the government, past and present, with the UN, gradually taking away Australia's sovereignty. 1 am always amused that the UN, consisting of around 200 nations, of which only about 15 are true democracies. Australia, with its level playing field" philosophy, is causing our secondary industries to go off-shore, and the continued importation of fresh food is causing a real crisis in rural Australia. It is certainly not turning the clock back for Australia, but there is still a chance of bringing back old values. The family structure, which is the backbone of the nation, is being eroded. Mr Blyth, in his book, is attempting to bring to our notice just what is wrong with this country, which is no doubt the best and freest country on earth.    B C Ruxton AM OBE State President Victorian Branch of the RSL


Don J. Pinwill

Farmer, Author of the book "Fabric of Freedom"

A "nation's spirit" is the product of its peoples inherited genetics combined with their culture and those influences thrust upon them by the physical environment of their homeland. Therefore, a "nation's spirit" is the embodiment of its most precious possessions.

Australia has indeed built a mighty "National Spirit". We feel its presence each Anzac day, it fills us with pride at times of national celebration or success, it pulls us together during a crises - it is the glue that sticks to all of us and binds us into a family and a nation.

Today, the elements that built out "Australian spirit" are under attack.

Two hundred years ago the Great South Land was a wilderness. Australia is now as urbanised as any country on earth. It was the struggle to create our nation that gave birth to our national spirit. Our pioneers rose to the task before them and developed a resolute determination and independent strength of character. Their battle with this rugged land helped initiate the spirit that prevailed at Gallipoli. We have now tamed our environment. We have a softer lifestyle. Unfortunately, we can expect our "Australian Spirit" to also change and soften.

Our culture is also undergoing comprehensive and irreversible changes. Australia has gone from a predominately British and European culture that was based upon common Christian values to a nation of many cultures, ie. Multi-culturalism. Diverse cultures do not unify a nation - they divide it. It is a nation's culture that determines its "law". People with contrasting beliefs and cultures require laws and systems that enhance those beliefs and customs. The increasing effect of multi-culturalism will tend to complicate, modify and pollute those laws, beliefs and attitudes that originally produced our "Great Australian Spirit".

Even our inherited genetics are under attack. A nation that is predominately composed of a single racial type (eg. Japan) is much more likely to exist harmoniously because of their common attitudes, thought processes etc. Australia is fast becoming a melting pot of many racial types. You cannot change the physical make up of a nation's people without destroying or at least compromising that nation's religion, laws and institutions. Once a people are genetically altered, there is no going back. The "Australian Spirit" as we know it will be lost forever.

Why is this happening and who is responsible?

This publication, "THE BRONZED AUSSIE", has identified these national changes and names those responsible. It is a pictorial combination of hard hitting slogans, revealing evidence and thought provoking extracts from various publications ... all tempered with a little touch of humour.

Why were we never consulted on such major issues? It mostly came about because our party political system is out of control. Our political servants have become our political masters and common people have lost any effective voice and been excluded from the normal democratic processes. Our politicians prefer to worship the fashionable cult of "globalization", rather than represent their own citizens.

"THE BRONZED AUSSIE" strikes a blow against political tyranny. It is the result of many years of research by the author, Gary Blyth, who, like many other 'individuals of similar belief, still posses a burning passion to retain our "Great Australian Spirit".

The time has now come for each one of us to become aware of what is being lost. Its now time for each of us to play our part in keeping our "Australian Spirit" alive for the generations yet to come.

Don J. Pinwill

Farmer, Author of the book "Fabric of Freedom"


This comprehensive series of narratives is a very well researched, documented and extremely relevant picture of our present-day Australia, that must appeal urgently to its people to FIGHT BACK with that indomitable "Australian Spirit" of old, AND against great odds, until 'Rodney The Republican Shark' and all he represents, is no more.

It is eminently "readable" with its articles and skits; it comes "highly recommended" from various sources and is therefore in the "MUST READ" CATEGORY FOR EVERYONE in order that they will awaken from a widespread APATHY, to thus fight harder and longer towards renewed PATRIOTISM AND PROSPERITY for this generation and ensuing generations.

All thanks must go to the Author, GARY K BLYTH, the National Executive Director of "Australian Spirit" for his (and his family's) dogged perseverance to overcome all odds.

J E Milligan

A lot of careful thought and research has gone into this production.

It makes it much clearer to all Australians what is happening to our country, and better still, it gives people the understanding of how to retain and improve the standard of life our civilization and culture can offer.

L Harrigan

Author of the Audio and Video Tapes "The Voice of the Australian Flag"