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(1)To operate as a non-profit (at this time but future funding may be necessary).  To be partisan whilst acting against Green, ALP and Liberal political party ideology that is suspected of social engineering and political correctness.  To promote a politically active mechanism in order to educate, make aware of political double speak and to assist and join like minded community organizations that will involve the exposure of a corrupt political party system of government that can be defined as an 'Elected Dictatorship'.

(2) To promote an improved understanding, appreciation of our Australian Parliamentary system of Government and its lawful responsibilities under our Commonwealth and State Constitutions.

(3) To promote a factual appreciation and understanding of our unique Australian identity, way of life (culture) including pride in our extraordinary history, our heritage and ancestral identity that reflects mateship and affinity with regard to our anthropological profile.

(4) To research our historical and anthropological DNA and to share this knowledge with all Australians.

(5) To promote respect of racial and cultural differences between all people residing in Australia and to expose our unique identity and culture to those of other ancestral origins for without unity, we will fail to have a country of consensus. For far too long, Multiculturalism and Multiracialism has been allowed to divide our nation whilst our political establishment continues to literally throw billions our tax dollars at a policy that has engulfed this nation into hundreds of ethnic enclaves.  We endorse a referendum on the caliber of migrants entering our country, their political, cultural and religious status.

(6) To promote universal understanding of our national pride, patriotism and united spirit in being Australian and what such expectations involve.

(7) To promote an improved appreciation of our foremost National Symbol our Australian Flag, our State Flags and coats of arms that reflect Independence, Statehood and Federation.

(8) To preserve and foster a greater appreciation of the special values that have contributed to our heritage, our history, our culture and our identity as a Sovereign Independent Nation and to stridently oppose republicanism at any cost. To investigate every United Nation's agreement or treaty that was sourced, signed or ratified by Australian politicians.

(9) To research into and explain our historical development, values, our freely inherited common law rights and liberties as reflected by Magna Carta, Habeus Corpus and the Bill of Rights. To ensure that these inherited, inalienable rights such as ‘trial by jury’, ‘trial by one’s peers’ and 'Freedom of Speech' are secured and never diluted or removed  by an ‘activist’ judicial system that does not practice what it preaches. Unfortunately, through such judicial interpretations within our constitution, several socialist high court judges and traitorous Australian politicians have been able to secure legislation that now openly threatens our sovereign independence and those Freedoms for which hundreds of thousands of men and women fought and died. 

(10) To promote the raising of the National Flag together with a rendition of the National Anthem at all public functions, schools and government institutions as a part of our patriotic spirit, and as a reminder of those who discovered, settled, explored, pioneered, and paid the ultimate sacrifice. To promote one national identity, one national flag and one people in unity. Apart from state flags, Australian Spirit recognizes only one national flag.....the Australian National Flag. All other emblems supposedly representing specific peoples are a direct attack against unity and clearly, its detractors are intent on dividing our country. Interestingly, such supporters are allied with the republican bandwagon.

(II) To promote the virtues of a unique Australian Culture. Australian Spirit will investigate and study the affect of Multiculturalism and Multiracialism within Australian communities, the political involvement and implementation of such policies and the financial appropriation to sustain such a program. We will also expose the rift and division caused by policies that have failed in every country in the world. Note, this policy is only adopted in Western Nations.

(12) To analyse and uphold the basis, principles and value of our Federation and of our State and Commonwealth Constitutions regarding Governance of our States and Country and understanding of the responsibilities of the Crown (the Constitutional Monarchy) within the constraints of our Australian Constitution.  Australian Spirit will decipher and simplify the responsibility of the Crown and its importance in providing protection for ordinary men and women.

(13) To promote support for all Australian Owned, Australian Manufactured Products and Australian farmed produce and Agriculture. Australian Spirit will oppose Foreign Investment, Foreign Aid to every country except Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Island Nations.  This country has amassed some $3 Trillion in superannuation funds which could be used to invest in Australian industries such as mining, manufacturing whilst promoting Australian made products.

(14)To promote factual and accurate recording and reporting of historical data relating to the discovery, exploration and settlement of our country Australia and to investigate the hundreds of billions of tax dollars that have been invested in the 'White Aboriginal Industry'. Australian Spirit is of the belief that the peoples who claim aboriginal decent must begin to take responsibility for their behavior, they must integrate and assimilate or their culture and language will simply disappear.

(15) To present factual historical data whilst emphasizing place of importance without prejudiced cultural interpretation of several ‘other’ cultures and their effect within the Australian community.

(16) To promote and defend the virtues and common belief in the biologically traditional family and to expose immoral behaviour involving pornographic literature, material that is freely available on the Internet including that of the so called ‘alternate lifestyle’. Australian Spirit will expose the homosexual culture and its dangers along with homosexual paedophilia.  Australian Family values are under incessant attack from a 1.25 deviate population that is intent on dividing and endangering the health of our community.

(17) To actively strengthen consumer support for Small Business Enterprise and to ensure that Corporate Australia, through government legislation, does not encroach further into areas that support family businesses and to maintain a watchful eye over the extent of foreign ownership in Australia.

(18)To investigate environmental sustainability with regard to farming management, industrial waste and urban population growth.  Vehicular pollution remains one of the main causes of deteriorating health of our community yet governments and the medical fraternity refuse to rate this danger.

(19) Along with similar organization we will activate involvement as a Consumer Advocacy and Public Watch Dog and to ensure that adequately researched, educational material is promoted to the community at large.

(20) Even though Australia has a relatively small population of 24 million, this country's transport infrastructure is under enormous stress.  Governments are virtually bankrupt and have created  substantial debt as a result of the Australia's political elites exceedingly mismanaged economy. Political party ideologies, incompetent accountability and irresponsible management together with ridiculous, ruthless unions demands, CEO salaries, greedy corporates, the banking industry where the bottom line is the new religion of capitalist profits and where the rich become richer and the less well off become more dependent on welfare.  Australian Spirit believes there is something intrinsically wrong with a country that was so incredibly wealthy.

(21) Australian Spirit believes that Australia can no longer afford the Political Party structure as it stands.  Australians must take an in depth interest in the party machine, we simply can not continue to give our 'honorable' elected members cart blanche!  We believe it is time to rid ourselves of the Greens, the ALP and the Liberals.