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Author’s Prerequisite and clarification 2017


 After much discussion and planning, my Father (16.1.1919 - 28.5.2007) and I began researching, composing, writing and designing this project during the late 80’s early 90's as a partnership venture up until 1997.

 The assignment that was originally known as 'The bronzed Aussie' was renamed Australian Spirit ‘The Voice of the Silent Majority’!  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of my Father and I, the venture had to be suspended indefinitely. The suspension continued for over ten years and remained secure in my office gathering dust!

It is important to understand and appreciate that a significant majority of files are yet to be scanned and are of historical political significance describing and providing a brief glimpse of events and behaviour of our so called 'honourable' elected members during a specific timeframe.  This era includes governments under both Labor (Democrats & Greens) and the Liberal Coalition with Prime Ministers Geogh Whitlam, Robert Hawke, Malcolm Fraser, John Howard, and Paul the site is updated, we will include Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Julie Gillard and of course Malcolm Turnbull! The interesting point here is that our elected members federal, state, council or regional have failed to learn from preceding mistakes!

The so called 'baby boomers' (those born just after World War 11) would have a reasonable appreciation of the material that is being provided but the generation before that would have greater knowledge unfortunately, most have passed or their age rules out any further participation....such a sad loss of awareness and understanding of political events.  However, it is generations X and Y that I believe should take an interest because even though the foundation stones for social engineering and political correctness emerged during the post world war 11 timeframe, these divisive mechanisms have become far more empowered and influential.  Younger Australians must now pick up the cudgel and continue to enforce accountability although I fear the politically correct and social engineering horse has bolted!   The only option is and I have stated this many times, is to deliberately not vote for the Greens, the ALP or the Liberals!!

Yes, I agree, this is a significant request but we are not forced to vote for any of these parties. So long as we have our names ticked off the registration record, we can do whatever we wish with our ballot card. Today, there are several smaller parties that would welcome our support. This is the only mechanism that ordinary folk like us have to teach the majors a lesson!!

It was only in December 2016 and early January 2017 that I have been able to re-register and begin an arduous journey to resurrect this extensive, comprehensive assignment. My Father, a returned Digger who served in New Guinea during the second world war wished me to continue the project that we had both begun.  When initially activated in 1990, the site attracted up to 30,000 ‘hits’ per month. Literally hundreds of pages including subjects such as the history of our Australian Flag and the opposing Republican agenda, the history of the Crown in the Australian Constitution, Republicanism & its political history,  Immigration & Multiculturalism, Australian politician's lurks, Perks and policies, Bank and Corporate Profits, The White Aboriginal Industry, Homosexuality and  Homosexual Paedophilia including several other subjects. On revisiting this colossus, we identified the fact that nothing had changed accept national and state economic debt that have always contributed to a pathetic third world growth rate of between 1 - 2% managed by two of the 'worlds greatest treasurers had increased substantially'! 

Subjects covered and investigated were still evolving and their metamorphosis has defied common logic!!  The extraordinary aspect of such dedicated research identified quite clearly that ONLY the faces promoting and securing social engineering and political correctness had changed! Unfortunately for our inalienable rights, these perpetrators have become louder whilst becoming armed with increased legislative powers supported by United Nation treaties and agreements!  During the timeframe through the 1980's, most folk went to sleep and did not take any interest in politics until the emergence of One Nation, of course this gave those socialist and 'progressive' activists the opportunity to maneuver, scheme, devise and deploy their troops into positions of power and influence in politics including the bureaucracy from where they were able to launch their social engineering agenda and here we are today burdened with vicious, humiliating attacks against our Christian heritage, our proud history and family values that initially secured the foundation stones of our nation. Apart from our elected members and numerous corporates, the ABC and SBS lead the charge to erode and destabilize our unique Aussie identity....they must be sold!!


A small selection of files and plaques (pictures) were included in the original Australian Spirit website although there are a copious number of  files that were never scanned or uploaded.  With the memory of my Father in mind, it is my intention to continue with development and research to ensure that ordinary folk out there in the land of the great unwashed (that's you and I) have an opportunity to appreciate the extent of rancid political corruption and to expose the deceitful, slimy, negligent political ideologies that agitate behind a bureaucratic facade that is hell bent on destroying the ownership and infrastructure of our country, our foremost national symbol, our Australian flag, the crown in our constitution and the importance and structure of the values of the biological family which is under incessant attack from the social engineering elites. 

As time has progressed and of course technology greatly improved, we are endeavouring to redesign the website so that it can be studied or scanned on face book, I-Pad and mobile communication networks including the website itself with far greater effect. If any folk out there are interested in assisting, advising or even providing financial assistance, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Australian Spirit is a 'not for profit' public watchdog, all funds are directed to upgrading, web design and providing hardcopy research.  

Australian Spirit is actively seeking secure financial commitments, assistance and/or expressions of interest involving the printing, scanning, web infrastructure upgrades, equipment or providing research material involving specific subjects to be included on the website. Possibly down the track, material from the site may lead to a publication to be named "The Bronzed Aussie" although providing this publication is not a priority unless someone is prepared to take on such a project. We believe assisting with the website initially is an excellent opportunity to help expose political corruption, reverse the politically correct/social engineering pendulum and be part of a "ground floor" investment strategy made up of ordinary Australians just like you and I. This project is guaranteed to insult, offend, denigrate, anger, inflame, embarrass, create havoc among the elites, confirm serious debate, identify with our rich heritage and inalienable rights, appreciate our proud history, inspire patriotism, faith and pride in our Australian identity.



Many of the subjects canvassed are detailed and comprehensive whilst others are brief and simplistic but equally, all are imbued by historical, scientific research in their reflection.  Australian Spirit trusts that it has laid the foundation for public distrust, public suspicion and public irritation! The politically corrupt party machine is gradually being seen and exposed for what it really has become little short of an elected dictatorship in which you and I have lost control! It remains irrelevant which political color they are, all emerged  from the same primeval swamp and all are driven by a similar ideological urge to grab unfettered access and an increased power base "no matter what it takes’ to achieve such a decree…… giving party politicians and their cohorts a REPUBLIC is one sure and direct invitation to format such an irresponsible quest!!


As the Australian Spirit website progresses and is updated to include new information, please reflect on the historical significance of what has been prepared for your interest.  You will find the contents quite fascinating as I did when equating yesterday's events with what is happening in today's world.  Much of the information available in effect, has provided the foundation for events that have occurred and are being played out right now.  Dare I say that if we ignore history.....we are doomed to repeat it!
Humanity has learned nothing! Thousands of years of bloody confrontations, dispossession, wholesale slaughter of numerous races of people and the political pendulum has swung right back to where it started....causes include over-population, religion, greed and power hungry dictators who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals!
Your commentary both critical and constructive is most important to the successful promotion and continuity of Australian Spirit, we appreciate your interest and ask for patience as this monolith embarks on a journey where there is no turning and arousal of the general population is our goal but without your support, it will be difficult to achieve. You are invited to scan a prelude to the Mission Statement and then proceed to the Mission Statement itself.
Gary Blyth
One of many voices of the Silent Majority