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The Bronzed Sculpture of the Australian Soldier, a first world was Digger, was created by C Web Gilbert and called "Over The Top".


The plaque at left incorporates the Royal Coat of Arms located left of the legs of the soldier. The lion and the unicorn oppose each other either side of the shield.


The reader will note the Royal Oath at the bottom of the shield.

"Dieu Et Mon Droit" (in latin)

"God is my Birthright"

Etched around the shield

"Honi Soit Qui Maly Pense" (in latin)

"Shame To Him Who Evil Thinks Of It."

To the right of the legs of the soldier in front of the bolder is the letter head for the website Australian Spirit

The Statement to the Right of the Soldier was written by the author......

"Did our young men and women pay the ultimate sacrifice so that the party machine could divide our Nation???"

Gary K. Blyth

The organization responsible for research, design and material provided is Australian Spirit 'The Voice of the Silent Majority'. Extensive research was carried out over many years and is still ongoing.

When completed the website will act as a Consumer Advocate and Public Watchdog

The three CHRISTIAN CROSSES in the right corner reflect great and far reaching historical significance.  According to Biblical research carried out by Nick Groom the Author of "The Union Jack, a 396 page historical documentary of the British Flag....

"The Bloody Cross is one of the oldest Christian symbols and stands as a vivid depiction of the crucifixion. St. Michael sometimes carries a white shield emblazoned with the Red Cross, and medieval illustrations of Revelation often depicted Christ armed with a sword and a Red Cross shield.  Saints such as Ursular and her eleven thousand virgins, and Ansanus, the patron saint of Sienna, carried the standard, and it was also linked to early English Christians such as Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome (324 - 327 AD), and Joseph of Arimathea, who in AD 72 was supposedly given....a shield of silver white....a Cross endlong and overthwart full perfect...."

"Its most powerful association, however, is with another English Christian:  The Patron Saint of Englandd, St. George - warrior, dragon slayer, and protector of fair maidens."

According to many Biblical historians including Professor Barbara Thiering, Joseph of Arimathea was James, the younger brother of Jesus Christ! It was Joseph 'the rich merchant' who provided the tomb in which Jesus was placed after his crucifixion.

 (Further discussions and material relating to this subject will be included at a later date)

With regard the Australian Spirit letter head, the crosses reflect St.George, the Patron Saint of England, the Crown of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other Commonwealth countries. In the centre is the Diagonal Cross of St. Andrew, he is the Patron Saint of Scotland and on the right is St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. (In the near future, further historical information will become available for your interest. The Australian Flag sequent carries hundreds of pages of interesting historical text and numerous plaques identifying the Australian politicians who were and still are intent on destroying our history, our heritage and our foremost national symbol......our national flag!!

The Sequent that provides the history behind the Australian Flag is comprehensive and quite detailed.  It involves numerous authors who provided approval to utilize their material but unfortunately, several authors were unable to be contacted however, these authors publications have been afforded full credit.

(Australian Spirit is not for profit organization set up to enable folk to study their origins, their nation's symbols and the treacherous, treasonous betrayal by our own Australian Political Parties.) 

The Shark Caricature at the Top of the plaque leaning over the Bronzed Aussie Says:

"G’day ... names ‘Rodney the Social Engineering Republican Shark’, I am a distant cousin of Malcolm (Traitorous) Turnbull.... "Look for my priceless quips throughout these sequents!"

Author of "The Bronzed Aussie" and National Executive Director of AUSTRALIAN SPIRIT "The Voice of the Silent Majority" is Gary K. Blyth.