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Issue 99 April 2017



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In this issue …

ANZAC Day – History of Kokoda

Racism: A politically correct definition

From Australia First

Same-sex marriage debate splits Coalition MPs

A warning from Canada: Same- Sex marriage erodes fundamental rights

From Citizen’s Electoral Council

CEC Reports

‘'Come and pray': Parents claim Sydney public school is 'run like a mosque'


Sacked Punchbowl High School principal had Muslims-only plan: police

‘You are Europe’s future’: Erdogan tells Turks in Europe have five kids, not three

“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.” – American Judge, Louis Brandeis

“Multiculturalists have established one standard for White people, and another for non-White people

-a tactic that is racist and discriminatory.” -- Author unknown

“Those who would call patriots "bigoted" and "intolerant" are often themselves the biggest bigots and most intolerant people in the world today.” – Author unknown




History of Kokoda




A snapshot of Australia’s

military efforts



Compiled from various sources


Prior to the start of World War II,

the 39th Battalion withdrew to Isurava.

Australians realised that if Japan

Reinforcements were sent from Port

wanted to strike into Southeast Asia

Moresby: first the 53rd Battalion to

(to secure raw materials) they could

protect a side track behind Isurava, then

easily do so while Britain was

the veteran 2/14th and 2/16th Battalions

preoccupied by a European war.

that had previously served in the Middle

This fear became a reality at the end


of 1941.



During the last days of August, the 39th

Needless to say, the advance of

and the 2/14th Battalions (with support

Japanese forces shocked the western

from the 2/16th and 53rd Battalions)

world. They attacked the US Pacific

temporarily held the Japanese during

Fleet at Pearl Harbour in December

intense five-day action at Isurava. On

1941, and secured the Malay

29th August, in the face of yet another

Peninsula with the fall of Singapore

enemy assault, Private Bruce Kingsbury

by February

1942. They next

from the 2/14th Battalion was killed as he

planned to advance to Port Moresby,

rushed forward with his Bren Gun to

which would facilitate the capture of

drive back the enemy in a determined

other centres and weaken the Allied

counterattack. For his bravery he was

line of communication from the U.S.

awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross,

to Australia.



the first VC awarded during the New

However, the Battle of the Coral Sea

Guinea Campaign.

spoiled Japan’s plans to take Port

Throughout September, the Australian

Moresby by a seaward assault so

units withdrew down the Kokoda Track

they changed their plans to a

and were joined by the 2/27th Battalion.

military attack over the Owen

They made further stands against the

Stanley Ranges, via the Kokoda

Japanese at Eora Creek, Templeton’s




Crossing, Efogi, Mission Ridge and

On 21st July, 1942, Japanese troops


landed in the Gona-Buna area and

Allied airmen dropped supplies and

Australia’s 39th Militia Battalion

made repeated attacks on the enemy’s

(untrained and untested troops who

supply lines. During those gruelling

were initially deployed to PNG to

days, Papuan men were employed as

assist with the building of an airstrip

carriers and played a vital role in the

at Dobodura) were forced into a

battle. They carried supplies forward to

series of short but critical

the troops and ferried the increasing



the advancing

numbers of wounded and sick back to

Japanese troops as they are pushed

safety. They became known as the Fuzzy

along the Kokoda Track.

Wuzzy Angels and became an icon of the

After fighting to hold and retake the


village of Kokoda

and its airstrip,






Finally, by 16th September, after yet more troops had come from Port Moresby and dug themselves into a defensive position at Imita Ridge, the Japanese were exhausted. They had almost run out of supplies in their fight to cross the mountains. Following setbacks on other battlefields against allied forces that robbed them of further reinforcements, the Japanese troops on the Kokoda Track were eventually ordered to withdraw. When Australian patrols pushed forward of Imita Ridge on 28th September, they found that the enemy had slipped away.

During the next six weeks, the Japanese fell back over the mountains pursued by troops from the 25th Brigade (comprising the 2/25th 2/31st and 2/33rd Battalions), the 16th Brigade (comprising the 2/1st 2/2nd and 2/3rd Battalions), the 3rd Battalion, and men from medical and supply units. Significant actions were fought at Templeton’s Crossing, where it took more than a week of hard and costly fighting for the 25th Brigade to push the enemy back; and at Eora Creek, where the 16th Brigade doggedly attacked enemy strongholds and slowly made ground.

To add to the difficulties of jungle warfare, Australian troops were plagued by supply shortages; however on 2nd November Kokoda village was finally

retaken. The Australians had one more tough battle to fight at Oivi-Gorari, where the Japanese were determined to make a final stand.

By 18th November, the Australians reached the Kumusi River, and the battle for the Kokoda Track was won.

The Australian military was then assigned the task of advancing further and capturing the coastal villages of Gona and Sanananda. For a further two months, what was left of the 21st and 25th Brigades and the 39th Militia joined forces with the 18th Brigade from Milne Bay, and fought in oppressive conditions, suffering further casualties until the final defeat of the Japanese in Papua New Guinea on 23rd January, 1943.

More than 600 Australians were

killed and some 1680 were wounded in what some believe was the most significant battle fought by Australians during World War II.

The crucial triumphs along the Kokoda Track stemmed the Japanese tide of conquests, and the bloody beach side battles signalled an end to Japanese military initiatives. By the end of January 1943, the path of future conflict stretched away from Australia, instead of towards it.

Jim Stillman, a Kokoda veteran was a member of 39th Battalion and fought the Japanese in PNG. To read his story, please click here.


We did not know the fear of wartime’s yesteryear.

We do not feel the pain of dying, slain by steel.

Or, falling from the sky in combat way up high.

We do not know, cannot!

in battle being shot, one instant life is not.

We did not hear the cries

from lips,

trapped in sinking ships.

An epitaph, a tomb! Terrified out of wits, from bombing, aerial blitz.

We cannot envisage

what happened in that age. These things of, we are told by those now growing old whose time is on the wain.

If we forget their sacrifice Will all, just be in vain?

“An open foe may prove a curse; But a pretended friend is worse.”

Benjamin Franklin,

Poor Richard’s Almanac. The horror of a nuclear war

or the terror of a Communist peace.

A blast from the past from the late Nick Maine

Racism: A politically correct definition


J. John. R.N. 1939-1945

1. Any attempt by members of the white race to stop an immigrant invasion and


When you have no sensible

takeover of their nations, whether by word or deed.



contribution, just shout racist.

2. Ideology in which whites object to being made third class slaves in the countries

Among the first to be brought into

their own ancestors founded.



line and punished should be our

3. Any words spoken by a white person that fail to venerate and praise non-white

own white traitors. –

persons as culturally superior and ethnically unique.



The late Nick Maine

4. A belief system in which whites fail to hate their own race, usually accompanied by



failure of whites to worship non-whites and failure to provide free




Good Samaritan

money, medical care, and pretty young white breeding partners for



A Sunday school teacher was telling her class the

5. A sick and twisted belief system in which evil whites believe that

story of the Good Samaritan. She asked the class, “If

they have just as much right to preserve their race and culture as

you saw a person lying on the roadside, all wounded

the other races.

and bleeding, what would you do?”

6. Failure of the white race to submit to their own extermination

A thoughtful little girl broke the hushed silence, “I

and displacement from their own nations.

think I’d throw up.”

7. Any attempt by members of the white race to stop blacks from


Did Noah fish ?

gang-raping or otherwise despoiling and assaulting young white

A Sunday School teacher asked, “Johnny, do you


think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the

Racism can only be committed by whites. When blacks or other

Ark ?”


nationalities murder white men and women, this can never be

“No,” replied Johnny. “How could he, with just two

racist. What is truly racist is for whites to dare to oppose the



murder and enslavement of their own race.


Being thankful


A Rabbi said to a precocious six-year-old boy, “So

This definition is in line with the propaganda of the Ministry of

your mother says your prayers for you each night ?

Truth, Homeland Security, the U.S. Congress, The ADL, The SPLC,

That’s very commendable. What does she say ?”

and other anti-white organisations.

The little boy replied, “Thank God he’s in bed !”

(from Nick Maine)


(from Ray Platt)





Freedom of speech under attack in Australia

Support the Bendigo victims of Multiculturalist Political Oppression

The Coalition of Australian Nationalists has made the following statement:

Three Australian patriots have been charged by the Victorian police for participating in a non-violent political demonstration.

Members of the United Patriots Front carried out some ‘street theatre’ in which they mocked those Islamic extremists who cut the heads off their enemies; they used a fake knife to cut the fake head off a fake dummy, with fake red blood spurting out.

In a video on Facebook, Blair Cottrell (leader of the United Patriots Front) stated that “I made a statement before two of my colleagues, with plastic knives, beheaded a dummy made out of pillows. The act was intended to be a political statement against a mosque development in the local area, Islamic immigration, and that particular Islamic practice.”

It was a political demonstration in which some patriotic Australians publicly showed their opinion of Islam, an opinion which they are perfectly entitled to hold and express in a democratic society. Unfortunately, Australia is no longer a democratic society; it has become a land of Political Correctness, run by Multiculturalist ‘fascists’ who hanker to lock up those who publicly disagree with the ruling ideology of Political Multiculturalism.

In the aforementioned Facebook video, a Victoria Police document was displayed, which shows that Blair Cottrell has been charged as follows, under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001, section 25 (2): “That Blair Cottrell at Bendigo on the 4th October 2015, on the grounds of religious belief or activity of another person or class of persons, namely Muslims, knowingly engaged in conduct being the participation in the making of a video with the intention of inciting serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of, that other person or class of persons.”

The “informant” for this charge is stated to be one Detective Senior Constable Erin Ross (34952) of the Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit.

The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 is a farce, as is similar legislation in other States and at the Federal level. It is a political law designed for a political purpose; the intent is to silence criticism of the realities of Multiculturalism. It is a broad-reaching law, whereby anyone can be charged for “inciting . . . severe ridicule” of a person or persons of any race or religion; it is an incredibly subjective law that could be used to fine or jail just about half the country. Anyone could be charged by the police for making a comment against Islam, Scientology, or even Satanism. You could even be charged for telling an Irish joke. These Multiculturalist laws are anti- democratic, but the Multiculturalists don’t care.

Under the Multiculturalism laws, the police are being used as political tools to suppress political opposition; this is typical of authoritarian regimes. Whilst the police in Australia have not reached the anti-democratic depths of the KGB and the Gestapo, they are heading down that slippery slope by engaging in political persecution of political movements.

Multiculturalism is an intrinsically authoritarian ideology, as it

creates divisions within societies, the result of which is that Multiculturalist governments subsequently bring in laws against freedom of speech to muzzle the voices of their opponents. Multiculturalism is invariably bound up with Third World immigration into Western societies, spawning a myriad of social problems, which in turn creates political opposition to those immigration policies; to suppress public opposition to such policies, Multiculturalist politicians and anti-national activists demand that the police be used in harassing, fining, and jailing patriots. Simultaneously, anti-national activists in the media and education system brainwash young people into the Multiculturalist ideology; these anti-national activists serve the establishment by indoctrinating students into the ideology of the state.

Multiculturalist regimes want any staunch patriots who have the temerity to criticise Islam to be silenced. They want to stop free speech in Australia.

Multiculturalists like to dress up any speech they don’t like as “hate speech”, but that is just a political con. Anti-Islam opinion becomes “hate speech”, whilst anti-Christian opinion is “free speech”; views against homosexual marriage become “hate speech” whilst views against traditional marriage are “free speech”; those who express hate against capitalism, patriarchy, and patriotism are all practicing “free speech”, but not “hate speech”. Notice a trend here? If you are a sensible traditionalist or a staid conservative, you are automatically deemed to be a “hater”, but somehow the most rabid hate- filled anti-traditionalists and anti-nationalists are not called “haters”. Laws against so-called “religious and racial vilification” and “race hate” are all about word-play and spin- doctoring, not about justice. These laws are all about the intended political suppression of opposing views; they are an anathema to any true democracy.

The rabid Multiculturalists don’t give a brass razoo for the continuance of democracy in Australia. Our forebears worked and fought to create a free society, but the Multiculturalists are intent on destroying it. The true blue Australians who fought for our nation would be rolling in their graves if they could see the state of things today.

The Multiculturalists are not real Australians; in fact, they hate real Australians, and they long for the death of real Australia. On one hand the Multiculturalists work towards the demographic destruction of our nation, and on the other hand they work towards the dismantling of our democratic freedoms.

When the Australian nation was founded, it was founded as a free and democratic society. If the Multiculturalists get their way, it will never be so again.

Real Australians need to support the Bendigo victims of Multiculturalist ‘fascism’, as it is part and parcel of supporting all freedoms in Australia. Australians should have the right to freedom of speech on all cultural, economic, historical, and social matters; if we do not, then we are not free.

Appendix to the statement: how Vic Pol use Social Media to collect intelligence. What can be used on crims can be used politically.

See: Social Media and Law Enforcement

Australia First nominates in Blacktown City Council by-election

Australia First Party will field a candidate in the by-election to be held in Ward 2 of Blacktown City Council on 8th April.

The candidate will be Cassie Orrock who also ran in Ward 5 in the general election last September. On that occasion she polled 2525 votes for 8.65%.

Blacktown City is one of Greater

Sydney's areas targeted for large-scale residential developments. Blacktown is noted for a high (so-called) refugee population and a local politics which reflects ethnic tribalisms. The Ward takes in suburbs such as Seven Hills, Lalor Park, Kings Park, Kings Langley, Glenwood, Marayong and parts of North Blacktown.

Policies for Blacktown City Council Ward Two By-election have been announced as:

1.Australia First rejects the Sydney-wide project to build new CBDs around a residential tower system grouped at railway stations and designed for immigrants who have not yet arrived.

2.Australia First demands an end to the


recognition of Blacktown City as a ‘refugee welcome zone’.

3.Australia First would have Council provide awareness programs for and assist the rehabilitation of drug users by providing facilities for the treatment of ice addicts and other drug dependent users. We want the Neighbourhood Watch program upgraded to encourage citizens to be proactive in the prevention of drug and criminal activity in their community.

4.Australia First will also urge Council to be active in relieving the housing crisis in our City; we would locate the powers to lease vacant property and to provide if possible Council facilities to the homeless, to work with community groups to assist homelessness and families affected by domestic violence and mental illness.

The by-election presents the party with a unique opportunity. There are only four candidates – Labor, Greens, an independent and Australia First. There is no Liberal and no Christian Democrat as there were in the full election last September.

The by-election offers us the position that we are the ‘referendum’ mechanism on the issues of immigration, hyper- development, refugees in Western Sydney. We will present ourselves

this way not simply to those who cannot vote Liberal (indeed we expect some of them to vote informal or Labor this time), but to all.

This unique situation in Sydney

politics last appeared in 1996 when Paul Keating resigned his seat after losing the Federal election. At the by-election, the Liberals didn’t run.

Two anti- immigration parties did, polling 22% of the vote. The Sydney Morning Herald editorialised that it was not a case of

Liberal voters

numbering the boxes – but a heartfelt expression of the public mood. So it will be again!

Letters to Australia First

I watched the 75th Anniversary of the fall of Singapore on the TV. As a 39-45 War Veteran, I can relate to the occasion. I viewed it in two minds the military presence and the political. How those Veteran survivors could sit there listening to the crap coming from the politicians is beyond me? They (politicians) have betrayed them (veterans) and Australia. Australia is not now, the country that the fallen gave their lives for. There was not a word of condemnation aimed at the politicians for what they have done to Australia. Politicians should be barred from ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day and occasions such as this; hypocrites, the dammed lot of you. Post-war baby boomer politicians haven’t a clue as to the reality of warfare, their words are empty and meaningless, so please shut up. If some politicians have lost family members in wartime, you must live with the fact that you do not honour them you have betrayed them. The state of Australia today proclaims that. What the Japanese could not do by armed invasion, the treacherous Federal Government has done by passive invasion. A multi-cultural Australia is not the country Aussie soldiers paid the supreme sacrifice for - they died in vain.

Lest We Forget -sheer hypocrisy.

J. John - an angry and bitter 39-45 War Veteran.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

I really don’t know how often or how many people have to write to you to get some action. Over the past ten years – and across various parties – hundreds of thousands of the electorate have bombarded various governments imploring politicians to save our Great Barrier Reef. My book, Lethal Legacy which I sent to over 100 politicians, at my own expense – listed the many ways in which our environment

Melbourne: Commies kvetch while

Nationalists nosh

The Bendigo Three have made their initial appearance in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on trumped up political charges relating to the now infamous mock ISIS beheading video shot in 2015.

The Nationalist contingent arrived just as the doors to the court building were opening, once we had negotiated the police cordon outside and gone through the rigmarole of the security screening we repaired to the foyer coffee shop to wait.

See, that is the main feature of the Victorian justice system, the glacial pace at which it moves; in the end, the hour and some minutes we waited were well spent as we mingled with the supporters of the three accused men.

Even though there is a serious divide between Nationalists and Civic Patriot groups, the mood was upbeat and the conversations between members of the different groups were civil, convivial even.

Two feral spies from the No Room For Racism grouplet were skulking about early in the piece, attempting to take video on their phones but were quickly spotted, confronted by some Nationalist women and sent packing.

Things were going swimmingly on our side as the stereotypical chanting of the anti-racists could be heard wafting in from the street like a bad smell; that was until the arrival of “Antifa Neil” Erikson and his new bum-chum “Serbian George” Jameson, who were inexplicably dressed in white Haji style robes and carrying Muslim prayer mats.

Contrast this with the Nationalist and Patriot supporters who opted either for suits and ties or smart casual wear out of respect for the defendants, the court and each other.

This pathetic duo of impostors and their minuscule band of hangers-on were a sad sight to behold as they stood to one side of the foyer, ostracised by their former comrades and guarded by a detachment of riot police.

Eventually the defendants were called to the chamber, but the

is being destroyed by our actions; but little has changed.

I sailed the Barrier Reef for several years and delighted in its superb panorama of colour and the variety of fish – all now sadly disappearing due to sediment, abuse, plastic and global warming caused by us. We, as a nation, make millions in tourism, for that alone we should take heed.

It is now imperative that this government enact legislation to preserve what there is left; once it is gone it will never return and one of the great wonders of the world will have perished.

Do something now before it is too late.


** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Whenever worthless government scientists are given any money to do something for the environment, all they ever want to do is tag it, brand it, or kill it! These worthless ones are more destructive to the environment than the problem they’re trying to solve!

When tasked with doing something about the European Carp infestation, these oxygen thieves, led by Matt Barwick, want to release a foreign virus in Australia’s waterways!

Are they mad? Didn’t the poisoning of rabbits teach them anything? There will always be some who develop an immunity, so it doesn’t work and they destroy a food source. Not only that, they can’t guarantee that native water dwellers won’t be affected. Good old cane toads are another biological success story! Yeah right!

Because of scientific ineptitude, pretty soon prawns will be a thing of the past. That’ll probably mean saltwater fish will be all but gone too. Carp taste like mullet (not one of my favourites), but better then nothing. Fine bones mean it’s only good for grinding into fish cakes. Again, better than nothing! Carp are easily caught when spawning. Utilise the resource you imbeciles!

Frank Brown


demand for seating in the courtroom outstripped the limited supply. As a result, a sizeable contingent of Bendigo Three supporters had to remain in the foyer while the hearing took place. The wait was quite short and the news was relayed back that the case had been adjourned until late May.

The court was soon empty and the foyer once again full of Nationalists, Patriots and police officers. Keen to get on with their operations the senior officers and public order squads marshalled us into their cordon and gave us their instructions on how we were to exit the building.

Walking quickly, as directed by the coppers, we were marched out into the blazing morning sunlight to be greeted by the usual screaming mob of retired teachers, spotty student types, meth-head looking spastics and superannuated union representatives.

Some 30 in number, this foolish assembly of movement has-beens and their juvenile acolytes might easily have been mistaken for a long lost element of some 1970’s era Vietnam war moratorium march.

As these ‘Anti-Racists’ struggled weakly against the police cordon we were struck by the absence of one notable contingent: the Antifa or Black Bloc hooligans.

We suspect that there has been a split between the Anarchists and the union backed rent-a-crowd which is run out of Trades Hall. This is the third rally in succession at which there has been no Antifa presence to speak of. In any event the Anarchists would have been up against it had they tried to harass or attack the Patriots and Nationalists, many of our people expressed disappointment at the lack of argy-bargy and the tiny turnout of leftists.

As we walked down Lonsdale Street and the Bendigo Three were mobbed by the media, one smart-alec lefty decided he would try to video some of the Patriots, only to have his phone slapped out of his hand by a tiny blonde haired woman and almost copping a punch in the head from her boyfriend.

After Erikson, Jameson and their cast of morons had beaten a hasty retreat in a taxi the media circus moved into Healey’s Lane, behind the court complex and as the police contingent departed we stood for some time talking and enjoying the cool, shaded cafe area.

Soon it was time to bid goodbye to the Patriots and other folk who’d stood beside Chris Shortis and Blair Cottrell; the Nationalists sought out a pub, enjoyed a counter lunch and spent the rest of our time together socialising and enjoying the afternoon.

We look forward to the next hearing in May, which, despite the ordeal for the defendants will no doubt be another good opportunity to get together with our comrades. We wonder how the state will proceed with its case and we are curious to see if the Left can still muster a credible counter rally in Melbourne?

Australia First (Victoria) active on China development

Australia First members are active in the eastern areas of Greater Melbourne, speaking up for ordinary Australians.

Many people face eviction from their homes because of the activities of Chinese developers. It will be the people's action on the ground which - alone - can highlight the issues and mobilise other Australians in their support.

Members will be seen at street level in coming weeks.

Herald Sun news article

Wagga Wagga: Lorraine Sharp on Nine News

Lorraine Sharp was interviewed for a Ch 9 report in Wagga Wagga last week. Lorraine commented upon local political corruption, a matter which now fuels the party in the Riverina.

Melbourne: Wantirna Action

We are advised that Australia First Party materials are again circulating in regards to the Wantirna Caravan park issue. The people to be evicted from their homes to serve development (sic) and the Chinese intruders have a right to be heard. We are doing our best to raise the issue to public consciousness.

Anarchists Unmasked

Who says all laws are bad? This one affects only one real group of

More letters to Australia First

There you go!

Stinkin’ scientists are netting Platypuses in NSW and reckon it’s humane to kill Fraser Island Dingos.

Platypuses can drown in nets!? The trauma of their invasive tests can stress the animal to death!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these disgusting scientists aren’t worried about the environment, only their overpaid jobs!

Put the mongrels on the dole queue!

Keep them away from the wildlife!

Frank Brown

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

There may be a minor party out there which will run on what the majority of Aussies want; Islam banned and our borders closed, but have no strategy to deal with the corrupt forces which will descend on them like a ton of bricks when they get elected.

The major parties have always been corrupt. Their politicians have been getting bribed hand over fist. Either that, or they’ve been robbing the system. Or both.

The beauty is, they’re dumb. The cash can be traced either to them or family members. Follow the money. Bring charges and offer immunity for the conviction of their handlers or the company executives who bribed them.

Jail as many people in religions for paedophilia or as accessories to paedophilia as possible. Offer them

immunity for convictions of official corruption. They’ll squeal like piggies!

Repossess our strategic assets from the criminal multinationals, jail every corrupt maggot who’s been subverting our governments and as many major party criminals as you can.

They’ll be too busy ducking for cover to do you any harm, and Australia will be saved from the religious takeover of the world! Not only that, our defiance might get people in other nations to rise up and destroy the maggots planning to make themselves Kings and Queens!

Frank Brown

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

The looming electricity crisis is being deliberately created by multinational utility companies to force up electricity prices in Australia. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, multinationals are inefficient, so they have to maximise profits or they’ll go broke! Secondly, it will give multinationals an excuse to shift food processing off shore. This will completely destroy what’s left of Australia’s small crop farmers.

You can bet that the multinational utility companies paid major party pollies bribes to get their filthy hands on Australia’s electricity industry. We could investigate, jail the perpetrators and repossess our electricity industry. But that would take too long.

If Australians didn’t keep putting Major parties in power, a decent, democratic government who puts Australian interests first, last and every other time, would repossess first, solve the problems manufactured by multinationals, then prosecute! All multinational companies must be put on turnover tax. That way they can’t dodge paying their taxes! But an added advantage is that when one plays up, governments can tax the vermin out of business!

Frank Brown


people and its effects are not negative.









Special Sydney Forum



Victoria has a new law which bans masks in street protests. In













Saturday 29th April

the past, the anarchists (who also call themselves Antifa – anti
















fascists) have used masks as essential disguises of real advantage

Due to certain circumstances, the special Sydney Forum

during planned violence against their targets. Their targets have


been moved to the Sydney offices, which

will be

usually been patriotic groups of one sort or another.





adapted for the day.






Getting the issue of China












‘Conservatism Is Not Nationalism, Nationalism Is Not

While the media is telling people that Pauline Hanson ‘says it the






way it is’ and people parrot that back in public opinion polls, it is

This special Sydney Forum will examine the conservative

noticeable that the PHONies party says zero about the cloud

movement from a number of different angles. Is it really

rising above Australia – Chinese imperialism.







what Australia needs? The Trump phenomenon: does it

As in the days of gunboat diplomacy, so the Chinese navy will

really have Australian counterparts, what of anti-

now appear in Australian waters. The nationalists are the ones

establishment dissatisfaction and who will lead the

saying it the way it is! It is the Australian establishment that

challenge and on what basis?




does not want us to take notice of this fact and sends us the







‘debate’ about Islamic terror instead!














Dr. Tom Sunic, former Croatian diplomat, theorist of the






European ‘New Right’, member of the American Freedom





broken, New opportunities





Party, via video link, will look at the ideological failure of





(by a West Aussie)









conservative politics to initiate and maintain change in

The Western Australian election brought Pauline Hanson's

the era of Trump and where America might be headed in

Liberal Party Extra (or is that supposed to be One Nation) just

unstable times: “President Trump, American

4.7% of the poll. The myth is busted.





Conservatism and the Challenge to the Insider

The party's deal with the Liberals did them poorly. However,

Government of the United States.”



Perry Jewell, renowned political activist whose

they have done this consistently by default for 20 years,

generally but not always, preferencing the Libs. But back then,

Confederate Action Party predated One Nation in

the Liberal Party preferenced them last and this election was

Queensland, will look at the ideological-political

clearly different.








construction flaws in the original One Nation, which is

In Western


and elsewhere,




also a different entity to the new version. Guides to the







'conservative' party will persist for a long time. Many people in






“Conservative Politics in Practice: The Foundation of the

voter land and in the community will continue to see them as

original One Nation.”





another version of the nationalists and give them electoral and





Person to be confirmed from the Centre for the

community support.







As we insist,

we are not electoralists and the




Advancement of The Steady State Economy, will examine



assumptions which underlie free


nationalist party


First Party)

lies directly



economics and the host of conservative think tanks which

community, leading popular fights, being involved in them and

push it.







developing at base level. Elections will be contested to serve







“The Free Market Fallacy and the Modern

these struggles and not the other way around.




This type of party is what now is needed in Western Australia.






Dr. Jim Saleam, writer and activist for the Australia First

Okay, let's get on with it!















view the

present day struggle


We have the true ex-Pauline Hanson's One Nation in the group

conservatives and nationalists for territory and what are

One Nation WA which is an associated entity of Australia First

the issues at stake. Are these two strands of ideological

Party. In association with direct community action, it might be

thought in Australia in fact – divorced and at war? He will

time to register Australia First Party in Western Australia too -






to arrive at present day

to take proper advantage of by-elections and the next State poll







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Conservatives Contra Nationalists”.














Rivalry between the USA and Chinese Imperialism

Time: Saturday, 29th April, 10.30 am – 3.30 pm





increases in Australia




Venue: 725 Princes Highway Tempe.



The Federal government has rejected on the weekend China’s

Entry $10






request to link the Northern Infrastructure network with China’s

BBQ available by donation at lunchtime. Hotel nearby.

One Belt, One


programme of massive


Enquiries and bookings 0407 732 868



building throughout Asia and Europe.




















This should not be seen as any sign of ‘independence’ on the part



















of Australia’s political leaders. Quite the contrary.








Another letter to Australia First


The insider government in the USA, linked as it is to New World Order



You would have seen on ABC news, the Yank


power, has fears that China will acquire too much leverage over northern



sheila saying what the cost of doing a deal on


Australia, where the USA maintains troops and intelligence facilities.



Manus Island detainees is going to cost us. We're


There were prior objections to China taking control of Darwin Port.




supposed to take in heaps more from South


The contention between the superpowers over Australia will continue to



America and Africa.




intensify and the fight for independence will need to develop.





Trump has got it right! A dumb deal!



China’s One Belt One Road idea staggers belief in its broad-brush power.



Cost us a fortune to detain them, when we should


It is a bid to subordinate global trade to itself, albeit in the name of



have turfed them out straight away. Then we've


improving trade for all. We note that leading Australian capitalists are



got to overpopulate our country, lifting our


torn between the yearning for super-wealth and the security offered by








older patterns of trade and power.











Frank Brown





































Bendigo Three case highlights totalitarian thought crime logic of Victorian government

In the wake of the most recent London terror attack and the public debate over the Federal government's intention to amend the Racial Discrimination Act's thought crime section (Section 18c), the Victorian government has swung in the opposite direction and wishes to impose harsh penalties upon those who may criticise any aspect of Islam.

Our view of this Victorian effort is to demand publicly the repeal of all State laws and the Commonwealth Criminal Code section, which relate to vilification, hatred, incitement and all the rest of it. These laws are political machinery, not only designed to curtail freedom of expression, but to empower the deep-state with mechanisms to actually crush political dissent. They have next to zero connection with some idiot who may mouth 'hateful' words.

In the entire public debate on Section 18c the existence of these laws and their meaning is avoided and we thank (sic) the Victorian government for coming forward as they have.

The case of the Bendigo Three now takes on an even more vital component. The Bendigo Three must be backed up by all concerned Australians. We notice that the loudmouths who always carry on about Islam this and Islam that, from Pauline Hanson to Liberty Alliance, from the Reclaim group to Cory's Tories - are silent about the case of the Bendigo Three. Is it because this case strikes at the very core of real civil liberty, real democratic liberty, and not at the flummery? The case of the Bendigo Three is the Australian people's challenge to the soft-totalitarian thought-crime logic of many within the political elite!

If you stand for freedom of expression: support the Bendigo Three!

Same-sex marriage debate splits Coalition MPs

The Australian, 19th Mar, 2017, Rachel Baxendale

And another

Turnover tax works on the assumption that 10% of a company’s turnover is profit, so 1 or 2% of turnover, is tax. (I haven’t done the sums, this is just to give you the gist) If we put all multi- nationals on it, they can’t dodge paying taxes in Australia any more. But that’s only the start.

Parmalat Australia is a French multinational who owns most of the milk you buy. I’d say they’re behind the cheep milk designed to put our dairy farmers out of business so they can source milk from dirty overseas farms, dirt cheep! They’ve just warned our dairy farmers to rid themselves of the protectionist mindset and disinterest in being nationally competitive. Translation: We’re going to screw you on the price you get!

If turnover tax on multinationals was introduced with its level tied to national interest, we could hit Parmalat with 20, 30, 40% or any percentage of turnover as tax. See how keen these Frogs are to screw Aussies then! Those multinationals playing fast and loose with electricity prices, could be pulled right up! I’m pretty sure that this measure doesn’t breach any of these anti- Australian trade agreements the traitorous major parties have got us into either.

Get rid of Labour and the Liberals, we might get it!

Frank Brown

Liberal frontbencher Simon Birmingham has defended CEOs who this week attacked the government’s position on same-sex marriage, placing him at odds with several cabinet colleagues including Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Mr Dutton yesterday suggested CEOs, including openly gay Qantas boss Alan Joyce, should “stick to their knitting” rather than trying to “bully” governments into certain positions. The comments come amid reports conservative government MPs are moving to foil a plot by moderate Liberals who plan to reignite the gay marriage debate when parliament returns this week.

The CEOs of 30 of Australia’s largest companies, including Telstra, Qantas, Holden, Wesfarmers and the Commonwealth Bank, this week wrote to Malcolm Turnbull, urging the government to abandon its policy for a plebiscite on same sex marriage and allow a free vote in parliament as soon as possible.

Senator Birmingham slapped down his conservative colleague, saying that throughout history, business leaders had often stepped ahead of legislators in supporting reforms related to gender equity or racial equity. “I see no reason as to why business leaders are not free to do likewise when it comes to issues like marriage equality”, he said.

More: Dutton: ‘stick to your knitting’

“Our priority is to see reforms like the child care legislation passed through the parliament, and that’s absolutely where the government’s focus is at, but

individual members of the party room are free to raise issues in the party room at any time, and we’re more than capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.”

News Corp is reporting that conservatives, including one senior government minister, are aware of a plan to lobby Malcolm Turnbull to abandon party policy on holding a plebiscite on marriage equality. Up to 12 Liberal MPs and senators are said to be on board with the plan to sign a letter and present it to the Prime Minister as soon as tomorrow, urging him to revisit the policy and clear the air before the May budget.

Moderate Liberal MPs including Tim Wilson, Trent Zimmerman and Warren Entsch are said to be behind the plot, which was reportedly negotiated during a late-night meeting in a senior minister’s office this month. Over the weekend, senior government MPs have reportedly urged the group not to act, because their colleagues continue to support a plebiscite.

Asked whether he would have preferred fellow moderates to keep their views private, Senator Birmingham said he would always prefer that everything was conducted through the party room, but in the end people were free to argue their case. “We will work through any such issues in the party room, but it won’t distract us from focusing on the main game, which is helping hard-working families with child care reform”, he said. “Let’s see what anybody proposes, and of course, people are free to put their

propositions to the Prime Minister, to the Cabinet, to the party room. That’s the freedom of a democracy, and we can work through those issues, but it won’t distract us from our focus in relation to passing child care reforms or the like.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt defended Mr Dutton’s tirade today, saying the Coalition wanted everyone to be able to have a say on same sex marriage. “My position is well known, that I support it, but I also support a plebiscite because that’s a chance for everyone to have a say”, Mr Hunt told Sky News. “I disagree with those who want to deny the Australian population a say. I respect their views, I respect their right to their views, but it’s a slight perversity that some would say only the elite can participate in a debate, and we can’t trust the population. I do trust the population and I do support a plebiscite for precisely that reason.”

Mr Hunt said he did not see Mr Dutton’s comment as a homophobic slur. “No I didn’t, and what I do see it as is Peter making the same point that I am making, and that is that this should be a debate not just for the elite, but for every Australian to have their say”, he said.

The Minister said Bill Shorten was the only person preventing every Australian having a say and the measure likely being passed. “If he really wants progress on this issue, respect the election mandate and let the Australian people have their say”, he said. “I trust them. For some reason he doesn’t.”

Canavan weighs in

Resources Minister Matt Canavan


described the argument that the same- sex marriage issue should be sorted out now to clear the air before the budget as “unusual”. “What we should be focused on in this last fortnight before the Easter break is bringing taxes down for businesses so we can create jobs, solving the energy issues and bringing child care fees down for families”, Senator Canavan told Insiders. “There’s lots to do and the Coalition’s position on the marriage question is very clear: we think the Australian people deserve a say. That was rejected by the parliament late last year.”

The Queensland LNP senator said that if the government distracted itself from important issues such as bringing down the cost of living and helping to maintain jobs, it would be a “massive diversion”. He said the Prime Minister had been very clear on the Coalition’s position. “We had a debate on this matter a couple of years ago and it’s resolved as far as the Coalition is concerned.

Senator Canavan said he was uncomfortable with the position of the CEOs, who he said showed “almost a level of contempt for those when a different view”. “Somehow, unless the

Parliament legislated for gay marriage this fortnight, it will be bad for business,” he said. “I really struggle to get that far. I mean, we live in a region, our biggest traders partners in Asia, there’s no chance that any of these countries, Indonesia, Japan, China, will legislate for gay marriage any time soon. If we treat others with that level of contempt who have a view on traditional marriage, how can we get into the region and respect those views as well?”

Dutton unloads on CEOs, Qantas


Mr Dutton yesterday singled out Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce in a fresh assault on the involvement of some of Australia’s largest companies in the marriage equality debate. He used his address to the Liberal National Party’s state council meeting in Cairns to accuse chief executives, including Mr Joyce, of using shareholders’ money to drive a personal agenda.

He suggested CEOs go “back to your knitting”, rather than try and “bully” governments into certain positions using the money of shareholders.

“Alan Joyce, the individual, is perfectly entitled to campaign for and spend his

hard earned money on any issue he sees fit, but don’t do it in the official capacity and with shareholders money”, he told the meeting yesterday. “I want to make it very clear that in Australia we all deserve to participate in debates, regardless of the issue, in a way that is sensible and free from coercion or bullying. And I want to make sure it is done in a way that is respectful. It doesn’t matter if the issue is same-sex marriage. or whether it is some other important issue. The fact is that people who are elected to parliament, or people who are individuals who are expressing their view in that capacity, (they) have the right to contribute to those debates. Companies who are publicly listed, who are using shareholders’ money, to push a particular point of view, or to use an iconic brand or a multibillion-dollar business to push a particular view in these debates is unacceptable.”

“It’s equally unacceptable for organisations like GetUp, who are affiliated very closely with the Greens and the Labor Party, and the CFMEU. It is unacceptable for those organisations to bully companies into particular positions, or indeed into submission.”

(source) (from Gary Blyth)

A warning from Canada: Same-Sex marriage erodes fundamental rights

Speak Up for Marriage > Latest News 7th July, 2015

Americans need to understand that the endgame of the LGBT rights movement involves centralised state power— and the end of First Amendment freedoms.

I am one of six adult children of gay parents who recently filed amicus briefs with the US Supreme Court, asking the Court to respect the authority of citizens to keep the original definition of marriage: a union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, so that children may know and may be raised by their biological parents.

I also live in Canada, where same-sex marriage was federally mandated in 2005.

I am the daughter of a gay father who died of AIDS. I described my experiences in my book: Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting. Over 50 adult children who were raised by LGBT parents have communicated with me and share my concerns about same-sex marriage and parenting. Many of us struggle with our own sexuality and sense of gender because of the influences in our household environments growing up. (Schools )

We have great compassion for people who struggle with their sexuality and gender identity—not animosity. And we love our parents. Yet, when we go public with our stories, we often face ostracism, silencing, and threats.

I want to warn America to expect severe erosion of First Amendment freedoms if the US Supreme Court mandates same-sex marriage. The consequences have played out in Canada for ten years now, and they are truly Orwellian in nature and scope.

Canada’s Lessons

In Canada, freedoms of speech, press, religion, and association have suffered greatly due to government pressure. The debate over same-sex marriage that is taking place in the United States could not legally exist in Canada today - you could face discipline, termination of employment, or prosecution by the government. Because of legal restrictions on speech, if you say or write anything considered ‘homophobic’ (including, by definition, anything questioning same-sex marriage).

Why do police prosecute speech under the guise of eliminating ‘hate speech’ when there are existing legal remedies and criminal protections against slander, defamation, threats, and assault that equally apply to all Americans? Hate-crime-like policies using the terms ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ create unequal protections in law, whereby protected groups receive more legal protection than other groups.

Having witnessed how mob hysteria in Indiana caused the legislature to backtrack on a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, many Americans are beginning to understand that some activists on the Left want to usher in state control over every institution and freedom. In this scheme, personal autonomy and freedom of expression become nothing more than pipe dreams, and children become commodified.

Children are not commodities that can be justifiably severed from their natural parentage and traded between unrelated adults. Children in same-sex households will often deny their grief and pretend they don’t miss a biological parent, feeling pressured to speak positively due to the politics surrounding LGBT households. However, when children lose either of their biological parents because of death, divorce, adoption, or artificial reproductive technology, they experience a painful void. It is the same for us when our gay parent brings his or her same-sex partner(s) into our lives. Their partner(s) can never replace our missing biological parent.

The State as Ultimate Arbiter of Parenthood

Over and over, we are told that “permitting same-sex couples access to the designation of marriage will not deprive anyone of any rights.” That is a lie.

When same-sex marriage was legalised in Canada in 2005, parenting was immediately redefined. Canada’s gay marriage law, Bill C-38, included a provision to erase the term ‘natural parent’ and replace it across the board with gender-neutral ‘legal parent’ in federal law. Now all children only have ‘legal parents’, as defined by the state. By legally erasing biological parenthood in this way, the state ignores children’s foremost right: their immutable, intrinsic yearning to know and be


raised by their own biological parents.

Mothers and fathers bring unique and complementary gifts to their children. Contrary to the logic of same-sex marriage, the gender of parents matters for the healthy development of children. We know, for example, that the majority of incarcerated men did not have their fathers in the home. Fathers, by their nature secure identity, instil direction, provide discipline, boundaries, and risk-taking adventures, and set lifelong examples for children. But fathers cannot nurture children in the womb or give birth to and breast-feed babies. Mothers nurture children in unique and beneficial ways that cannot be duplicated by fathers.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that men and women are anatomically, biologically, physiologically, psychologically, hormonally, and neurologically different from each other. These unique differences provide lifelong benefits to children that cannot be duplicated by same-gender ‘legal’ parents acting out different gender roles or attempting to substitute for the missing male or female role model in the home.

In effect, same-sex marriage not only deprives children of their own rights to natural parentage, it gives the state the power to override the autonomy of biological parents, which means parental rights are usurped by the government.

Hate Tribunals are coming

In Canada, it is considered discriminatory to say that marriage is between a man and a woman or that every child should know and be raised by his or her biological married parents. It is not just politically incorrect in Canada to say so; you can be saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, fined, and forced to take sensitivity training.

Anyone who is offended by something you have said or written can make a complaint to the Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals. In Canada, these organisations police speech, penalising citizens for any expression deemed in opposition to particular sexual behaviours or protected groups identified under ‘sexual orientation’. It takes only one complaint against a person to be brought before the tribunal, costing the defendant tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. The commissions have the power to enter private residences and remove all items pertinent to their investigations, checking for hate speech.

The plaintiff making the complaint has his legal fees completely paid for by the government. Not so the defendant. Even if the defendant is found innocent, he cannot recover his legal costs. If he is found guilty, he must pay fines to the person(s) who brought forth the complaint.

If your beliefs, values, and political opinions are different from the state’s, you risk losing your professional licence, job, or business, and even your children. Look no further than the Lev Tahor Sect, an Orthodox Jewish sect. Many members, who had been involved in a bitter custody battle with child protection services, began leaving Chatham, Ontario, for Guatemala in March 2014, to escape prosecution for their religious faith, which conflicted with the Province’s guidelines for religious education. Of the 200 sect members, only half a dozen families remain in Chatham.

Parents can expect state interference when it comes to moral values, parenting, and education—and not just in school. The state has access into your home to supervise you as the parent, to judge your suitability. And if the state doesn’t like what you are teaching your children, the state will attempt to remove them from your home.

Teachers cannot make comments in their social networks, write letters to editors, publicly debate, or vote according to their own conscience on their own time. They can be disciplined or lose any chance of tenure. They can be required at a bureaucrat’s whim to take re-education classes or sensitivity training, or be fired for thinking politically incorrect thoughts.

When same-sex marriage was created in Canada, gender- neutral language became legally mandated. Newspeak

proclaims that it is discriminatory to assume a human being is male or female, or heterosexual. So, to be inclusive, special non-gender-specific language is being used in media, government, workplaces, and especially schools to avoid appearing ignorant, homophobic, or discriminatory. A special curriculum is being used in many schools to teach students how to use proper gender-neutral language. Unbeknownst to many parents, use of gender terms to describe husband and wife, father and mother, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and “he” and “she” is being steadily eradicated in Canadian schools.

Which is more important: Sexual autonomy or the

First Amendment?

Recently, an American professor who was anonymously interviewed for the American Conservative questioned whether sexual autonomy is going to cost you your freedoms: “We are now at the point, he said, at which it is legitimate to ask if sexual autonomy is more important than the First Amendment?”

Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian citizens were supposed to have been guaranteed: (1) freedom of conscience and religion; (2) freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (3) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (4) freedom of association. In reality, all of these freedoms have been curtailed with the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Wedding planners, rental halls, bed and breakfast owners, florists, photographers, and bakers have already seen their freedoms eroded, conscience rights ignored, and religious freedoms trampled in Canada. But this is not just about the wedding industry. Anybody who owns a business may not legally permit his or her conscience to inform business practices or decisions if those decisions are not in line with the tribunals’ decisions and the government’s sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination laws. In the end, this means that the state basically dictates whether and how citizens may express themselves.

Freedom to assemble and speak freely about man-woman marriage, family, and sexuality is now restricted. Most faith communities have become ‘politically correct’ to avoid fines and loss of charitable status. Canadian media are restricted by the Canadian Radio, Television, and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which is similar to the FCC. If the media air anything considered discriminatory, broadcasting licences can be revoked, and ‘human rights bodies’ can charge fines and restrict future airings.

An example of legally curtailed speech regarding homosexuality in Canada involves the case of Bill Whatcott, who was arrested for hate speech in April 2014 after distributing pamphlets that were critical of homosexuality. Whether or not you agree with what he says, you should be aghast at this state-sanctioned gagging. Books, DVDs, and other materials can also be confiscated at the Canadian border if the materials are deemed ‘hateful’.

Americans need to prepare for the same sort of surveillance- society in America if the Supreme Court rules to ban marriage as a male-female institution. It means that no matter what you believe, the government will be free to regulate your speech, your writing, your associations, and whether or not you may express your conscience. Americans also need to understand that the endgame for some in the LGBT rights movement involves centralised state power—and the end of First Amendment freedoms.

Dawn Stefanowicz is an internationally recognised speaker and author. She is a member of the Testimonial Committee of the International Children’s Rights Institute. Her book, Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting, is available here. Dawn, a full-time licensed accountant, is married and has two teenaged children.

(forwarded by Gerrit Schorel-Hlavka)


Surging house prices are pressurised air, not wealth

Sydney’s housing market is 18% closer to a crash than at the beginning of 2016. This is the inescapable conclusion from the latest figures that show an 18.4% surge in house prices for the year 2016, the

fastest annual increase since 2002. Million-dollar-plus median house prices are spreading across Sydney’s suburbs like a deadly infection, while Melbourne is not far behind.

The comparison between 2016 and 2002 should be terrifying to all Sydney homeowners. 2002 was the year after John Howard and Peter Costello doubled their First Home Owner Grant for new housing purchases. Combined with Costello’s 50% capital gains tax discount that incentivised investors to also buy properties, the grant pumped enormous amounts of money into the property market. At the time, house prices were much lower than today, and prices in relation to household incomes were also much lower—the average Sydney house was around 7-8 times average household income. That was still too expensive, but there was room for the market to move.

The difference in 2016 is that there was no room for Sydney’s housing market to move, but it did anyway. The average price was 10-12 times household income, which is way beyond what is affordable. Today, 21.78% of Australian households are in some degree of mortgage stress, meaning they are cutting their budgets and/or increasing their credit-card debt in order to make mortgage payments—and this at a time of record low interest rates! In January 2017 the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, which surveys more than 400 cities in nine countries including the USA, UK and Canada, ranked Sydney as the second most unaffordable city in the world after Hong Kong. The report’s author Hugh Pavletich said: “What housing should be in normal markets is at or below three times household earnings, so Sydney is four times what it should be.”

The 18.4% average price rise in 2016 has just increased the pressure in the already-stretched bubble.

The rise wasn’t fuelled by a rush of first homebuyers, or even other owner-occupiers, as the latest APRA figures show a collapse in bank loans to owner-occupiers in 2016. The growth in bank lending went to property investors, who are engaging in a short-term feeding frenzy. Investors are taking advantage of record low interest rates to load up on debt, gambling that the low rates will be permanent. However, the types of loans that banks are making are a dead giveaway that investors are over-extending: 40% of all mortgage loans are interest-only, and 49% of all loans are being made through mortgage brokers. The latter is especially suspicious, as prior to the 2008 financial crash, the banks used mortgage brokers to make loans to borrowers who couldn’t afford them, many of which involved outright fraud, as documented by Denise Brailey’s Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association. A 1 March promotional article on real estate

website Domain casually referenced a Sydney mortgage broker with a portfolio of 19 investment properties.

What will an Australian property crash look like?

To know what Australia is in for when the property market crashes, look at what happened in the USA, Ireland, Spain and many other countries when their property markets crashed in 2007-08. Then, understand this: Australia’s bubble is bigger than theirs were when they crashed!

Of most concern is the Australian banks, especially the Big Four, which have increasingly directed their business into the property market. Joe Hildebrand reported on on 18 February, the warning of former government economic adviser John Adams that the Australian housing bubble is one of the “seven signs Australians are facing economic Armageddon”. Bank lending into housing has risen from 21% of GDP in 1991, to more than 95% of a much bigger GDP in June 2016. The banks won’t survive the crash, and, like Ireland and Spain, will take the rest of the economy down with them.


At the time of the 2008 GFC, the CEC proposed a Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill, modelled on a proposal by American physical economist Lyndon LaRouche, to manage the fallout of a housing crash and banking collapse. The law would have ensured Australians kept their homes, but not their investment properties, and that the banks stayed in business, but under strict government control while they were reorganised. This type of approach wasn’t followed in the USA and Europe, and consequently hundreds of banks collapsed and millions of families were forced from their homes.

A more pre-emptive solution is to implement a full Glass- Steagall separation of the banking system. This means breaking up the Big Four banks and Macquarie, and any other ‘vertically-integrated’ banks that mix commercial banking, which is taking deposits and making loans, with investment banking, which involves speculating in securities, including dangerous derivatives. Australia’s banks justify the risks they are taking from lending into the housing bubble, by speculating in derivatives, which they claim “hedge” the risks. Coinciding with the doubling of the housing bubble since 2008, Australian banks’ derivatives exposure has risen by 163%, from $14 trillion to $36 trillion! The two biggest banks, CBA and NAB, have stopped disclosing their true derivatives exposure. Glass-Steagall will split the banks into separate commercial and investment banking entities, and as the commercial banks which make housing loans will not be allowed to gamble on derivatives, they will be forced to assess their lending risks directly, which will stop the flood of reckless lending to investors that is driving prices through the roof. Glass-Steagall will also protect the real economy when the property bubble bursts.

Mere mention of Glass-Steagall spooks Wall Street and London

Donald Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer confirmed today that the US President is still committed to a Glass-Steagall separation of commercial banks with deposits, from investment banks that speculate.

Click here to watch C-Span’s coverage of Spicer’s answer to Newsmax’s John Gizzi, who asked Spicer if Trump would work with Senator Bernie Sanders on restoring Glass-Steagall, and if Trump remained committed to restoring it.

London’s Financial Times reported that Spicer’s confirmation of Trump’s support for Glass-Steagall spooked the banks on Wall Street: “Bank stocks slip

as White House confirms intent to revisit Glass-Steagall”.

“Financials don’t seem too happy to hear that bringing back Glass-Steagall is still on President Donald Trump’s policy to- do list”, FT reported. “In response to a question on Thursday about whether Mr Trump remains committed to a campaign promise to revisit the Great Depression era law—which prohibited commercial deposit-holding banks from engaging in riskier investment banking activities—White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that he was.

“US bank shares trimmed their advance on the back of Mr Spicer’s answer. The

S&P 500 banks index, which tracks the largest American lenders, cut its gain to 0.5% from 0.8%.”

FT’s rush to cover this development underscores how the City of London is equally sensitive to any discussion about Glass-Steagall, which would put an end to Too-Big-To-Fail banks using the deposits of their customers to underwrite their derivatives gambling bets, which add up to hundreds of trillions of dollars and pounds.

Glass-Steagall for Australia

Glass-Steagall equally scares Australia’s banks, and the politicians that are in their pockets. Australia’s Big Four TBTF


banks are

















CEC Reports


















derivatives-addicted banks in the world.
































The CEC Report 3/3/17


















Derivatives are bets on interest rates,























currency exchange rates, and financial

from $14 trillion in



This week's CEC Report includes:

























2008 to $38 trillion



1. The 'liberal' economic order is unravelling—










thereof. They are often fraudulent and







join the effort to replace it, Australia!



















designed to get around regulations






2. Australia needs a new bank, but not a green one







intended to stop financial institutions







Click here to view The CEC Report on our website.







from taking risks that would put their







Click here to view The CEC Report on YouTube.








customers in danger of losing their






Click here to view it on Vimeo.


































Click here to listen to it on SoundCloud.





























































The CEC Report 10/3/17





































































to these








































































This week's CEC Report includes:












































and toxic financial bets is skyrocketing



























1. Glass-Steagall banking separation most terrifies Too-Big-







by trillions of dollars per year. Since the






To-Fail banks


























































crisis Australian































2. What are our derivatives-addicted banks hiding?

















derivatives has increased by more than














Click here to view The CEC Report on our website.







rigging, and more.









160%, from $14 trillion to $36 trillion.











Click here to view The CEC Report on YouTube.























Click here to see the CEC’s latest charts














Click here to view it on Vimeo.













































tracking derivatives









































Click here to listen to it on SoundCloud.
















disastrous, corrupt

















Australian banking system.








































The CEC Report 17/3/17





















system now, before
























biggest derivatives



















































the next crash. We



This week's CEC Report includes:




















gambler, suddenly stopped disclosing its


























1. Voter revolt pushes major parties towards Glass-Steagall





position. CBA











and national banking























hiding its


derivatives exposure in




























2. The CEC factor in Australian politics

















2012. The Big Four banks hold around




















































Click here to view The CEC Report on our website.







80% of the deposits of Australians. It is a















Click here to view The CEC Report on YouTube.









scandal that APRA and the government
















Click here to view it on Vimeo.













































allow the banks to hide their most risky























 a



































































activity in this way.










Click here to listen to it on SoundCloud.









































The CEC Report 24/2/17


















of Australia’s banks




















petition on

to get



































This week's CEC Report includes:




















to protect






















Steagall passed in Australia, to stop the


































1. When experts stop denying there is a property bubble,










banks from gambling with deposits by





duck for cover!



















































































splitting them up.


















































2. Pressure builds for banking separation



































Petition to Parliament










































Click here to view The CEC Report on our website.











wild speculation of









Break up the big banks now—pass



Click here to view The CEC Report on YouTube.































Click here to view it on Vimeo.



















































To the Honourable









Click here to listen to it on SoundCloud.














 a

national bank
























































The CEC Report 31/3/17















































Representatives assembled:














































































This week's CEC Report includes:




















This petition of the Citizens Electoral



























1. Free marketers abandon their

failing ideology







Council draws to the attention of the






2. Anglo-Saudi terrorist apparatus behind Westminster


House that even such institutions as the

massive new credits











































































Click here to view The CEC Report on our website.







Settlements, and the US Federal Reserve















Click here to view The CEC Report on YouTube.









are now warning


a new,

far more















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severe financial crash than that of 2008.


























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bailed out

the Too-

 a program of major water, power and







banks with


recovery and provide for an enduring

transportation infrastructure projects, in

trillion since 2008, virtually all of which



















Australia and in our region, cooperating


















has been used for speculation; the banks

Click here to












One Road”



are now 40% larger; and the derivatives




nations are





























































































Don’t procrastinate—for the sake of Australians’ economic security,

























break up the Big Four banks now!




















Not before time, the Australian Labor Party has

they’ve added on over recent years, and it’s an approach that


indicated a royal commission on banking could lead

was taken in the US, it was watered down unfortunately by Bill

to the break-up of the Big Four banks. ALP frontbencher Matt

Clinton [who in 1999 repealed Glass-Steagall]. It’s something

Thistlethwaite explained to Peter van Onselen on Sky News on

that they’re doing in the UK and there’s calls for it to happen

14 March that Labor was looking at separating retail and

in Australia….”
























investment banking, referring to the US law that Bill Clinton

There sure are calls for it to happen in Australia—mainly from

repealed in 1999, called the Glass-Steagall Act.






the Citizens Electoral Council, which has campaigned tirelessly

“Is it possible that Labor might look at legislation to break up

for this policy since the 2008 crash.


















the banks?” van Onselen asked. “Yeah”, Thistlethwaite said.

Thistlethwaite is expressing a shift in ALP policy. In a public

“There’s a whole host of people who argue that we should

meeting in Geelong in April 2016, Thistlethwaite’s leader Bill

break up the retail banking sections, so deposits and

Shorten answered a question on Glass-Steagall by saying:

mortgages, from the wealth management, the insurance that

“Sometimes this question gets asked by the Citizens Electoral


Council. … We’re not going to introduce the Glass-Steagall law.”

What’s changed? Political reality, that’s what, driven by economic reality.

Since Shorten brushed off Glass-Steagall as a CEC idea, the issue went on to dominate the US presidential election. After eight years of Barack Obama personally blocking the policy on behalf of Wall Street, Bernie Sanders’ championship of Glass- Steagall took him to within a hair’s breadth of winning the Democratic Party nomination. The Wall Street-owned Democratic Party establishment had to rig the primaries to stop him, but nevertheless Sanders succeeded in getting the policy included in the party’s platform.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump personally ensured his party adopted Glass-Steagall in its platform, and he campaigned for a 21st century Glass-Steagall. His spokesman Sean Spicer has twice reiterated Trump’s support for the policy.

Both Sanders and Trump were political outsiders who attracted enormous support from voters who were economically on their knees, but rose up against the Establishment politicians whose policies of free trade and deregulation had impoverished millions, but profited Wall Street.

Similar voter revolts, driven by economic reality, have occurred all over the world: for instance, in the support for both Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit in the UK, and in December’s Italian referendum.

It is also occurring in Australia. Recent elections have either been landslides, as voters have punished governments for their economic pain and/or for pushing discredited policies like privatisation; or they have been virtually hung parliaments, as voters have expressed equal disgust at both sides; and, for the same reason, they have featured record minor-party votes.

It makes sense that Labor is responding to this new political reality. The question is, are they also responding to the reality of the looming economic crisis?

The Australian property bubble is stretched to burst, which

will crash Australia’s entire banking system when it happens. Today’s interest rate rise by the US Federal Reserve, which has flagged more, is a bad omen for heavily indebted Australian homebuyers, who will get smashed if such rate rises sweep the world.

The Big Four banks have gone on a derivatives gambling binge. Their exposure to dangerous derivatives bets are increasing by as much as a trillion dollars a year each, and two of the Big Four, CBA and NAB—incidentally the two biggest gamblers—are now hiding their true exposure.

(Click here to see a CEC graph showing the explosion in derivatives gambling and the deceptiveness of CBA and NAB: any depositor in those banks should call their banker and demand to know why.)

Internationally, numerous economic authorities, including the IMF and Bank for International Settlements, are warning that we are headed for another financial crisis worse than 2008.

Labor is hedging its bets by predicating the need to break up the banks on a royal commission, which would be just as likely to oppose Glass-Steagall. A royal commission can be rigged in numerous ways, including by the scope of its terms of reference, and by the personnel appointed to conduct the investigation. Then-Treasurer Joe Hockey picked ex-CBA boss David Murray to head his 2014 Financial System Inquiry, and predictably it recommended against Glass-Steagall. By his own words Thistlethwaite acknowledged the soundness of separating banking—there is no need for a royal commission to confirm it. Any procrastination puts the economic and financial security of Australians at grave risk.

The CEC’s mobilisation for Glass-Steagall has forced the politicians to debate it; now is the time to join the fight, to push it into law!

Click here to sign the petition: Break up the big banks now—pass Glass-Steagall!

(If you’ve already signed the petition, click here to sign the physical petition that the CEC will table in Parliament.)

'Come and pray': Parents claim Sydney public school is

'run like a mosque'

Yahoo7 News on 10 March, 2017

The furious parents of a year seven Sydney student have accused his controversy-riddled high school of being run more like a “mosque” than a public school.

They claimed that their son was bullied over his long hair and when he opted not to join in prayers at Punchbowl Boys' High School. “The kids come up to my son and ask him ‘come and pray, come and pray’. But we do different things to other families and the school. Why does prayer have to be in school time?” the boy’s mother said. “Why are they letting kids go on like this about religion? My kid has long hair but some kids told him that it was going against their religion. He goes to school to learn, it’s not a mosque. Religion is for the home, not for the school. I’m angry because it’s a public school. Why should my kid go to school feeling scared? He’s only in year seven."

Nineteen Sydney schools have been placed on a radicalisation watchlist just days after Punchbowl Boys' High School principal Chris Griffiths was sacked over

claims of running the school like a mosque. Source: 7 News

The mother insisted her reason for choosing a public school was to put a greater focus on his education, removing the religious element, however that has been far from the case. Meanwhile 19 schools in western and south-western Sydney schools have now been identified as “at risk” of radicalising Islamic children.

The revelations come just days after Punchbowl Boys' High School was forced to remove their principal, Chris Griffiths who is accused of refusing to adopt a program aimed at countering violent religious extremism in at-risk students.

'We’re going to get you': New Punchbowl principal allegedly threatened by two men

The school remains divided over Mr Griffiths’ removal, with some parents calling for him to be reinstated, however the year seven student’s father is not one of them. “I don’t like the old principal because this is a school, it’s not a mosque”, he told News Corp.

The principal was threatened outside the school.

“I am Muslim but my son is coming here to read and write, he’s not coming here for religion, and that’s what it was like. I don’t need problems for my son. The new principal is welcomed and I think he’s perfect.”

Education Department secretary Mark Scott earlier this week insisted that, “We’re not reversing the decision. We’ve made the decision. We feel we’ve made the decision that is in the best interests of the school.”

Mr Patruno was encouraged to report the matter to police, but has chosen not to pursue charges.

Police have stepped up security around Punchbowl Boys High after replacement principal Robert Patruno threatened. Source: Seven News

(from Gary Oraniuk)







Western MSM are

be in it for the real reasons.

















The ABC, SBS, all our TV

campaign for me to be elected

stations (even Presbyterian Murdoch's -

and by the time the election

through old allegiances and vested

comes about it may have gone

interests) and the rest of the Western






MSM are under the control of the

most people.







Rothschilds and the Zionist Jews.



To achieve a clean sweep of

The Vatican is in there up to its neck

uncaring politicians, a person

with bastardry.








like myself, who is a

There's a disgraceful comedy program




on ABC 24, nearly every night putting

then get it going. As such let

sh#t on Donald Trump.





people put their money where



(our tax










monies together for me to be

being put into this program.









elected so





The Lib/Nats are hopeless.













All the disgraceful, uninformed crap the




up. No

use people


(John Laws and Co)

threw at


writing about it but then do

Pauline Hanson after her comments on

nothing about it.





vaccination and Putin.















Gerrit Schorel-Hlavka, Vic







Max Bolte, NSW







Hanson rides her big lie



Re: Direct Democracy






























PM Howard, in the run-up to





the 1996 federal election, said


98) said






he would

hold immigration

voting online.















numbers 'about the same'.


I feel

that voting

online will












votes open to hackers. And I certainly





campaign started he/the Libs

don’t trust the government not to fiddle



AAFI above Labor


with the votes by using hackers.






preferences for the first time,

No matter how good a firewall or anti-




the clippings

virus system is, a good hacker can always

on this recently. Then within

get into a system. They will always be

a fortnight of



one step ahead.
























Marion Geisler, Qld












Re: Aussie currency notes and









political parties in Australia


within a week or two his













The Commonwealth is entitled to change








that up



the currency as this is provided for in the






constitution. What however is relevant is








that the Governor-General and Ministers


did, i.e.,


response to

are paid via the Queen. Being the British

AAFI's 8 year political war of

Crown and for this the Commonwealth


against the


has to pay the Queen in pounds.












There is nothing unconstitutional having





immigration, the




political parties in the Parliament. What








unconstitutional is








Howard reduced

provided funding for themselves adverse





(and projected










upon the percentage of votes.














As I proved in court on 19 July 2006








compulsory voting is unconstitutional. I


anything about immigration -

succeeded in both appeals!














Now I understand that the State






government will have the Labor Party





member (former deputy speaker) who I

John Pasquarelli




understand stole more than $100,000 in

was sent




Hanson from

perks from taxpayers not standing for


Kalgoorlie office

re-election for Melton seat. So here is the

with Campbell/ AAFI info).

issue. Get a FundMe or something like

As soon as Hanson stupidly

that in place to get me elected for Melton





AND Graeme







Campbell out




then when in the Parliament I could use


in the 1998 election, Howard













unconstitutional matters.











immigration significantly


As I am turning 70 this year no one has

to his electoral demise in

to be worried I am trying to get some

2007...but that wasn't noticed

nest egg for retirement. As such, I would














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Reduce Immigration



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Werner's blog

For very interesting articles/comments


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by self-absorbed dolt Hanson who has many times claimed that PM Howard had copied her immigration policy, year after year - to today and none dare question her big lie. I recall Mike Munro doing La Hanson's 'This Is Your Life' on 9TV about 2003 when she trotted her favourite BS line out again, and of course idiot Munro didn't know any better, but it still goes on today as we see in this URL.

Why do MSM idiots allow dolt Hanson to lie so blatantly? Qui Bono?

Denis McCormack

Re: A Warning from Canada: Same-sex marriage erodes fundamental rights

If using Freedom of Speech to talk about homosexuality is deemed hate speech (that is only if you criticise it), then why not then apply this reasoning against any religious writings that promote jihad, etc?

Gerrit Schorel-Hlavka

Threats against new headmaster of

Punchbowl Boys High

If the new headmaster of Punchbowl Boys High was threatened for replacing the radical Muslim headmaster, this should be classified as Islamic terrorism and the perpetrators should be hunted down and arrested.

It is not up to the new headmaster himself to initiate police action as a threat of this type against one person is a threat to everyone as in the case of Man Monis and his threats against families of Australian soldiers who had been killed in Afghanistan.

And we know what he ended up doing, don't we?

Bob Vinnicombe, NSW

2017 WA Election summary

People across one third of the landmass of our great country will awaken this morning to the realisation that a brainless self -serving bull in a china shop from Queensland massively helped demolish any chance of economic recovery in Western Australia for the next four years.

While Barnett was roundly considered as arrogant and aloof and the whole electorate saw his government needed a sound kick in the pants, many thinking voters still broadly realised the need for a state government with a real chance of dealing with the consequences of the end of the mining boom.

Enter the fishwife Pauline Hanson, the wonder woman with hair of red, forked tongue and claws to match. Fully charged with the energy of some mad catalytic nuclear reactor filled with squawking rage, a quavering voiced Hanson tore at everything in sight in her personal quest for power and fame. Every political issue and unfortunate politician was fair game for her negative

unhinged vitriol, but in the final analysis she offered no economic plan for recovery, not a single set of audited figures, and in fact most of her candidates couldn't even string together the few words for their own political CV.

Far from achieving the 14% she'd gloated over, projections as at 10.00pm last night showed just over 4% for her Johnny come lately PHON party.

Sadly, even with that miserable result the fishwife managed to heave Western Australia to the left, right into the hands of a new government laced with cultural Marxists who, like their socialist comrades, are the pale ale version of Communists, at the very time when the rest of the world is awakening from its six decade long slumber and moving to the right. WA will now be the out of step man in the platoon, courtesy largely of Pauline Hanson.

By helping facilitate this muddle headed move to Labor mismanagement, Hanson has condemned WA to wander in the economic wilderness for perhaps another ten years. That's a huge chunk out of the working life of every Western Australian and a massive opportunity lost to our young people.

The whole political spectrum in WA and much of the media was blind-sided by the self-serving tactics of Hanson. She came here intent upon two things. Firstly to tear down and destroy a long serving state government in the vain hope she could further financially feather her own nest - PHON is a business and fan club, not a true political party. Secondly, to feed her own increasingly deranged and severely damaged ego!

People here rightly called her a dictator. Rarely in history did a dictator cause so much mayhem in so short a time - a matter of days. And now she'll skip back to Queensland with her ill-gotten financial gains to her friend Ashby and her treasurer - a relative? Swift of foot and sharp of tongue as usual, she will move on to her next money-making opportunity, the Queensland election, leaving behind a new crop of shattered lives.

PHON in WA will be left to lick its wounds and count the cost. Hanson cynically mesmerised and beguiled this latest hand picked band of starry-eyed amateur candidates and opportunists and used their own money, not hers, to undermine a whole state. Now these poor suckers have come out battered, bruised and broke as is usually the case in a Hanson campaign. A lot of PHON candidates will look at their much lighter bank accounts this morning and forever more ask themselves "What happened?"

Well, they just joined the club of those hundreds of good decent patriotic One Nation and United Australia Party

candidates scammed right across Australia by Hanson for 20 years. Suckers all! Perhaps they need to know that a real One Nation still actually exists in WA, albeit also battered and bruised by Hanson's claws - One Nation WA Inc Assoc ONWA, Take a look!

History will show that in 2017, Pauline Hanson, like some blood sucking mosquito, successfully transferred negativity and the cancer of her toxic money skimming business disguised as a political party into the very life blood of a once dynamic state. Her blundering helped turn Western Australia into ‘the red state’. and the consequences of her poison will flow in the veins of our economy and bank accounts of Western Australian families for years.

Regardless of what was said about the Barnett government, it is fact that the WA economy was on the mend. Now, because of the bull in the china shop, that recovery will shrivel and die in McGowan's inexperienced hands.

Hanson unquestionably facilitated the transfer of power to Union-laced, politically correct, airy fairy, left wing ideologues who will bring nothing but pain for families and businesses across this great state. Under McGowan the march of Marxist political correctness will be accelerated. The scourge of divisive tribal multiculturalism will grow unhindered.

Though she may gain no seats in WA ‘The Dictator’ succeeded in injecting the chaotic parasitic and unprincipled world of Queensland politics into Western Australia and I fear our state may never recover.

The Western Australia we all contributed to with our blood, sweat, tears and taxes, loved and known RIP!

Lyn Vickery, W.A.

Jobs nonsense

With the announcement in Friday’s Addy that even more (50) Geelong jobs are to go, from the Viva Refinery, this time I am totally gobsmacked.

What goes on in this country?

We are being assaulted with jobs loss announcements almost every day, with promises from our useless politicians that their priority is “, jobs, jobs...” but exactly the opposite happens.

If you are a ‘Labor man’ you must have rocks in your head, because your state government is actively massacring jobs all over the state.

If you are a ‘Liberal man’ you probably hate the working class, and are overjoyed at the demolition of low-paid workers’ entitlements recently.

I sincerely hope Australians wake up to the demolition of the economy that is taking place? If you don’t, and start voting in some decent politicians who will seriously represent your best interests, the lights may well go out


everywhere else, along with South


Vaccination matters



within a matter of a few days. To quote









As for the issue of vaccinations, in 1970 I

Humphries, "that's completely untrue."

It is all well and good for one side to play

had my first-born child vaccinated and

So can you really compare ingested

the blame game against the other, but

he nearly ended up in a grave. Months of






which side ever turned around anything









According to Humphries, the answer is a

odious that the other side did?



Hospital followed.









firm no.














Gary Oraniuk, Vic

I had all my children vaccinated upon




from Werner Schmidlin


Liberal Party dilemma


the assurances of staff it was safe only


Hanson, you never cease to

The Liberal party of Australia wail and

afterwards to discover it really never








complain about the rise of populist















Why did Hanson do a back-flip over her

Would you really want to walk behind

parties, the defection of Cory Bernardi

statement about vaccinations and the No

and the attempt by former Prime

the coffin of your grandchild due to

Jab No Pay policy of the government?

Minister Tony Abbott to wake them from












She had it right the first time. I actually

their slumber, when it is doubtful that

Science FACT: Chicken pox vaccine

had a small hope for her.





they are even aware of their own

made with "human embryonic lung cell

Parents should be allowed to do their

constitutional obligations.








Gerrit Schorel-Hlavka

own research and make their own

Clause 4 (i) states: To oppose Marxism







decisions regarding the offspring they

and other totalitarian philosophies.



Aluminium in vaccines


are caring and paying for. We live in a

Clause 4 (n) states: To safeguard

Would you like to know how aluminium

Nanny and Police state.







internal subversion

in vaccines affects your health? Click

If vaccines are so effective, why are the

and aggression.







here. - Werner











vaxxers so concerned that unvaccinated

While the opposite of the above are the

Excerpt from article --






children will spread disease to their

‘modus operandi’ of a number of











political parties in Australia, those

affects your health








vaccinated (poisoned) kids be ‘safe’ from

traditionally supportive of the coalition

In this video,

Humphries dissects and

the diseases supposedly carried by the



better standards


unvaccinated? Thank goodness I know






often hear


shown now,





some parents who are willing to forego

from pro-vaccine doctors about vaccine

looking for a viable alternative.


the handouts in favour of their children’s






lack of

Just how do Liberals view radical

health, and refuse to vaccinate.



science to back up claims of safety.





Vaccinations are full of so many harmful

Islamic terrorism,




For starters,






in many





– mercury (still








blatant disregard

for integration by a













very large portion of migrants, both legal






or cook in),

aluminium is injected into muscle, your

and illegal, from Muslim countries?


formaldehyde and thimerosal, to name a








Radical Islam is a political ideology in

few. Why aren’t

the vaxxers







about this chemical cocktail going into




the above Liberal







their children’s bodies instead of blindly

Party constitution, as well as a serious
























believing the propaganda spouted from

threat to many Muslims who come to






those with



such as

this country to be rid of this archaic and

mostly removed from vaccines because

Turnbull, Big Pharma and doctors?


domineering political doctrine, and only


of its known neurotoxicity, the levels of








to be let down by a weak and self-serving




virtually no




















upper limit in the vaccine program, and






Herald, Turnbull’s wife is chair of Prima

the number




Med –

a vaccination-producing/

eliminate the message”.




vaccines American children receive2 has





company. This company







Brian McRea, W.A.

quadrupled over the past 30 years.








the patent rights to produce its products


No rush to visit Trump


In the 1970s, American children got only



to GlaxoSmithKline. The Turnbulls also

Whenever there was a new president

four aluminium-containing vaccines

have shares in GSK. So they will make

elected in the USA, our prime ministers

within the first 18 months of life. Now,

millions out of the No Jab No Pay. Is this

and opposition leaders with wife or

they typically receive 17. In the U.S.,

Turnbull’s true secret agenda?



partners flew first class, at great expense








You can bet your bottom dollar that as

for Australia, to the USA.




micrograms (mcg) of aluminium within









They went there, in great haste, merely

the first 18 months, and an additional


the elderly





170 to 625 mcg by age 6.







to meet and greet the new incumbent or







target – get vaccinated or lose your

In Finland, where this talk was held,

introduce themselves.




pension, and then the middle aged will

Now, with the election of Donald Trump

babies receive an estimated maximum of

be targeted.








3,125 mcg of aluminium, if they give the








there was no sign or ‘stampede’ by our

Will Hanson do anything about it before







politicians to go to America to meet and

this happens, or will One Nation have

children end up getting about 6,150 mcg










imploded again by then?













of aluminium






of the





Perhaps the reason for this ‘stay put’ in






Marion Geisler, Qld

recommended vaccines.











Australia by our politicians could be the







Incident at Punchbowl Boys High

If you bring these facts to your doctor

Malcolm phone experience with Trump.

In about 2001 I was letterboxing for One

and question





So, it seems that the Trump election was

Nation for my own seat of Blaxland (in






the best






which is situated Punchbowl Boys High)







Australia, we saved millions of dollars on


in the Bankstown area. There was an















elderly man (anglo) working in his front








be told that there is

nothing to


Thank you President Trump, you have

garden, and I went up to him and said,

about, because the amount of aluminium

been very helpful to us.














in vaccines is extremely small, and the




Werner Schmidlin, Qld

candidate, I’d like you to have this”.





body gets rid of most of the aluminium
















He said thank you and as he did I





to the editor and by phoning me.


thought “I know this man”.



2: ‘Increasing


One mother said her child had become

I did. It turned out I hadn’t seen him

denial in the exercise of sovereignty by

an epileptic after being vaccinated,

since 1966 and he’d been an English/

the State, necessary for the better

another lady whose baby had died, and

History teacher, the Subject Master, in

working of the United Nations’



so it went, one lady thanked me

fact, at my High School.



I have had the Charter for about 40

profusely for writing the letter to the

We got talking and he said after he’d

years. The

Federal Government


Bulletin. The poor mother tried and tried

retired he’d gone back to do some part

complicit in this treachery. Traitors, the

to have SIDS listen to her but to no avail,

time teaching and been sent once to

lot of them.




J. John, Tas

they simply did not want to?



Punchbowl Boys High.








Now in Australia (2016) they have made

He said he survived half a day there and

Two whacko ideas – that human-

vaccination compulsory. It is disgusting

never went back. The Lebanese Muslim

produced CO2 causes global

and I fear for my great grandchildren



uncontrollable. They

warming and that vaccination

being vaccinated. I can only warn them

would muck up on him continually all



causes autism



and PRAY. My family is growing, God

through the lesson, refuse to be taught

The idea that vaccination causes autism

help their parents to make the right

anything and





is no more or less whacko than the idea







themselves so he couldn’t understand

that human-produced carbon dioxide

I have recently found a group in America

what they were saying.



causes climate change and global

which can be found here. And I have

He said he would be very interested to








joined. I also found through them the

read my pamphlet as to what One Nation





Bob Vinnicombe

most comprehensive YouTube video: Del

was on about, no doubt because of his






Bigtree: Our children are being sold to







I became aware that something was

the pharmaceutical industry. He is the





Bob Vinnicombe

wrong with vaccinations when my first

producer of the documentary ‘Vaxxed’.


All talk – no action


grandchild almost died after having her

On this video he mentioned that they

We hear a lot of waffle of late concerning




back in


have just got an











SB277 which I take it is to do with this

Australia’s defence development - ships,








I was baby-sitting at the time and I put

vaccination issue.





planes, subs etc. There is no prolonged





It shows what people power can do.

and relevant recruiting and training

her into bed a healthy baby and some

programme in place to ensure the farce

time later went into her bedroom to put



Pauline Wraith, Qld

that existed when our last major

away some nappies and her breathing

Watch out for fake news

submarine fleet when the crew

sounded like a death rattle.



The media keeps insisting the One

limitations restricted the ability to put

I actually ran to the doctors in my

Nation vote in WA was 4.37 %. It

more than one active unit to sea. As an

swimmers and I have often wondered

actually was 8.1 % in the lower house (so

island continent, we hear very little of

had I not gone into her room if she

far) as they did not run candidates in all

the demise of our ‘lifelines’, the

would have been yet another co-called

seats. You can only calculate percentage

Merchant Fleet.





“Cot Death”.






of a vote for a party



seats in

Foreign nations’ ships have dominated

Later, my 3rd grandchild had a similar

which candidates were run, obviously.

the international routes since the 1980s.

reaction after her Triple Antigen




Bob Vinnicombe

It is not only the Trade Unions who

injection; she got severe whooping cough


Australia betrayed


protested and predicted the shambles. In

which lasted for 4-5 months.



The abolition of the White Australia

2005, I repeat, 12 years ago, the best and

Both their doctors told their parents they

policy (treason) and the politically





were never to have the whooping cough





oriented United Services Unit, warned of

part of the vaccination again. That was

(genocide) of the white race, has made

the pending crisis.




back when they actually admitted the

the National Anthem obsolete.


Without an appropriate Merchant fleet,

dangers, unlike now.




It is no longer Australia; it is a nation of

our defence forces lack the lifelines that

It was later, maybe about 1994, that I





are most significant.




met Viera Scheibner at the Inverell

bringing their own customs, dress and

For two years we had another Select

Forum that I started my journey into

lifestyle to the detriment, and finally, the

Committee on Foreign Affairs that

learning the truth. I purchased a book

demise of traditional Australia.


undertook submissions

concerning the

from her that she had written called

The immigration policy of dual

crisis that was pending. A comparison

‘Vaccination’ and learned that she

nationality, is a complete farce and a lie.

was made with Norway that, at the time,

started looking into the connection

Another method by which Australia has

had a population of 5 million, with a

between cot-death and vaccination when

been destroyed. It is political correctness

Merchant Fleet of 1400 ships.


her husband invented the baby monitor

gone made.





Our international trade of water-borne

to hopefully wipe out cot-death.


The Aussie is now in the minority and

reliance relied on foreign flagged vessels.

We lived on the Gold Coast at the time

like traditional Australia, in its death

One of the conclusions from the years of

and I read in the Gold Coast Bulletin a

throes. The Aussie will become like the

investigation was “Australian merchant

letter to the editor. The lady was having

aborigine race, outcasts in their own

Fleet is non-existent” and defence

a real go at people who were not having







requirements in any conflict to our north

their children vaccinated and therefore

Australia has been betrayed and sold out

can not be met. Since then nothing has





by those hypocrites in Canberra.

transpired and the chattering political

diseases. I wrote back and said, “How

Traitors, the lot of them. Puppets of the

class ignore our national peril.


could this happen when your children

evil United Nations.









Tom King, Qld

are supposed to be vaccinated against

Advance Australia Where?



Our politicians are traitors

these various diseases”. Then I went on








J. John

to explain















My initial thoughts on the recent









of individual

4 Corners episode on One Nation






Nations to self-determination’.


It is easy to do a job on any political




















Well, other parents responded by letter

party simply by interviewing disgruntled
















members and ex-members.





to jetison Pauline and that fool James

is getting sickening in the news !! All

I am sure many Tony Abbott supporters

Ashby and just martial its support base,










feel that the Turnbull camp is a ‘brutal

OR change its name, OR join forces with

The Liberals just cannot accept the fact

dictatorship’ and they have been

Australia First, OR join forces with

he won the election!







or dumped after many loyal

Reclaim Australia.







I wish we could send him over to you in

years of service to the party. Same goes

One Nation still has betrayed

Australia !! He might be happier than

for the Rudd camp after Rudd was rolled

Australians’ attention and trust.



what sh#t is going on here for him.

by Julia Gillard and the Julia Gillard







Max Bolte, NSW



Laura Kurjan, Florida, USA


after she







Implosion imminent?


What ex-PMs and others are too











I’ve just watched Four Corners and I’ve


spineless to state



struggle also going on now in the Greens




got to wonder how soon One Nation will



include The

Other, without






implode again.














faction and the ‘Bob Brown style’ tree-











Along with all the candidates who were

something Australia used




hugging ‘moderates’ but don’t wait with

disendorsed for trivial matters and the








bated breath for the ABC to do a job on



workers who were sacked or made to feel

was turned into an unwanted flood: see

the Greens.

























resign, I



here and here.








I can



some of










sorry for the elderly couple in W.A. who





below into






were shafted by Hanson after $100,000

Mr. John









and 20 years of loyal service to Hanson



Howard's latest

Hanson acted like brutal and destructive

and One Nation.








hobby. He’s doing way too little penance


themselves when











The Four Corners episode, coupled with

way too

late for



themselves had positions of power in the

the various articles in previous issues of

imported during his 11½ years as PM,


































In the







distrust of Pauline. And she is certainly

Asians (Middle



somebody should


the Liberal


gathering a nice collection of enemies. It

and Pacific Islanders,

thus continuing







appears that if


doesn’t agree with


and with











either her or James Ashby, they’re out !!

immediate and long term demographic

emanating from the Chinese Communist

But who else is there to vote for who will





Party and their urge to sell off public and










private assets to Chinese investors and









Brit/Anglo Celtic, European peoples - a

keep quiet about human rights abuses in









my pick









China and the occupation of Tibet. Then

Fraser's time as PM from 1975 to '83,

Australia First.







they could ask, is










Marion Geisler, Qld

continued by PMs Hawke and Keating,

between donations from the Australian















Target Trump





and the










Turnbull: see here.






industry and





Trump is having a bitch of a time with














to do






Party trying



individuals for whoever, help to fix this

machine addiction or alcohol abuse?

denigrate him in every way possible. It is





Then after they have done all that they














can criticise One Nation.

















with lazy but

effective Aussie efficiency








Bob Vinnicombe


in the













non-partisan ingenuity? The



Re: Four Corners




Trump of colluding with the Russians to












After last night's 4


expose on


him elected


not Hillary to all





kinds of








One Nation



Hanson, I






Denis McCormack

new Health Care Plan for Americans!! It






strongly feel One Nation is going to have































Sacked Punchbowl High School principal had Muslims-only plan: police





others, like



as pigs, and his apparent

prompted by a number of

principal of Punchbowl Boys






















including female employees.

culminated in

Mr Griffiths’

planned to only allow Muslim

some of his rhetoric”, said a

Police said access had not

removal last week. One of the



the public





been a problem at other

complaints was









citing Mr Griffiths’ tendency

schools such as Epping Boys

teachers were



Police said



to keep officers in the dark,






taking part in official events.

Griffiths, a convert to Islam,







investigated for

Mr Griffiths was unable to be

had come to their attention -



during prayer




reached for comment.






sessions. “It was difficult to

another, a



(source) (forwarded by Bob




know what was going on. We

was arrested in relation to a



teachers with his Muslim-

had a good relationship with

terrorism plot.













that school previously.”













In old Roman courts, instead of

allegedly stifled police efforts


official confirmed


appointed principal of

taking oath on the sacred books,

to enter








Punchbowl Boys High

men used to swear holding their

monitor prayer sessions held

officers had been unable to -


in late


testicles. Hence the word ‘testify’

on its grounds.




access the school for the past







originated from ‘testicles’. If







years. It


routine for





proved false, the testes of liars

principal was trying to turn it

police to attend schools and





were cut and fed to dogs nearby.

into an Islamic only school”, a

sometimes prayer sessions.






This punitive action could be very

law enforcement official said.

Officers said they had found

gang-ridden image.



effective today, especially for many















politicians in power.











the NSW Department








(from Ian Espie)






descriptions of police officers











‘You are Europe’s future’: Erdogan tells Turks in Europe have

five kids, not three


The information and comments published in

by Breitbart Jerusalem 17 Mar 2017

ANKARA (AFP) – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday urged Turks resident in Europe to have five children, telling the millions-strong diaspora community “you are Europe’s future.”

Turkey and Europe are locked in a bitter spat after Germany and the Netherlands blocked Turkish ministers from holding rallies to campaign for a ‘yes’ vote in next month’s referendum on expanding Erdogan’s powers.

Erdogan has repeatedly accused EU states of behaving like Nazi Germany over what he sees as discrimination against Turks, in comments that have caused outrage across the continent. “From here I say to my citizens, I say to

my brothers and sisters in Europe… Educate your children at better schools, make sure your family live in better areas, drive in the best cars, live in the best houses”, said Erdogan. Have five children, not three. You are Europe’s future.”

“This is the best answer to the rudeness shown to you, the enmity, the wrongs”, he added in a televised speech in the city of Eskisehir, south of Istanbul.

Some 2.5 million Turkish citizens resident in Europe are eligible to vote in elections in their homeland. But millions more people living in EU states have Turkish origins.

this newsletter are reproduced in the interest of free speech. The editor does not necessarily agree, nor disagree, with all that is published in these pages.

Neither the editor, nor the contributors of articles, comments and jokes published in this newsletter, accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by use of, or reliance on, the information.

Also, the accuracy, currency and completeness of the information is not guaranteed.

Without prejudice UCC1-308

Erdogan, a father of four, has previously urged women in Turkey to have at least three children to help boost the population, in comments denounced by women’s rights activists.

(from Lyn Vickery)

From Network News c/- L. Conley, Flagstone Creek Road, FLAGSTONE CREEK Qld 4344


9 ways to stop cooperating with the ruling elite’s control system!

1. Turn the idiot box - TV off! Better throw it


2. Close all bank accounts, at least get out

of debt & deprive the banksters-gangsters your energy.

3.Have your own water supply & bypass Flouridated water.

4.Grow your own fresh food.

5.Stay away from mainstream media of any form. Go with the alternative media.

6.Educate ourselves on networking with like-minded, spreading positive messages, problem solving.

7.Establish support groups & communities of pro-active and loyal people.

Etc. etc. ruling-elites-control-system/

(from Adrian Barnett)

Science FACT: Chicken pox vaccine made with

"human embryonic lung cell cultures" chicken-pox-vaccine-is-made-with-human-embryonic- lung-cell-cultures-and-human-diploid-cell-cultures-from- aborted-fetal-tissue.html

(from Gerrit Schorel-Hlavka)

'Counting the cost of Immigration'

See last night's reiteration of not even nearly all the well- known immigration related 'burden of bigness and complexity'

mass immigration = pop. growth problems - met with stonewalling to maintain the ever more problematic status quo:

Lateline - 09/03/2017: Counting the economic impacts of immigration

(from Denis McCormack)

Asians ? Muslims?

Australia’s Trump fizzled in the ’90s but she’s back— railing against Muslims instead of Asians

I read through this article and am rather puzzled. To which continent do these journalists think Middle Eastern countries belong ? Asia spreads from the Pacific shores to Turkey and therefore all Middle Eastern Muslim countries are Asian. Do Journalists not know their geography ? 90s-but-pauline-hanson-is-back-railing-against-muslims- instead-of-asians/

(from Vern Baldock)

Cap and Trade and Eco-Hypocrites

by Michelle Sterling, Friends of Science Duration of video is 5 minutes

Another inconvenient truth you'll never see on CBC or the other national networks

(from Jay Nauss)

CNN hates it when you watch this video








(from Adrian Barnett)

Germany Warns Social Media Firms of 50M Euro

Fines for Fake News

(21 secs)

(from Adrian Barnett)

Insiders warn of the bold plan to build an Islamic

state within Australia.

Fellow Australians,

This will no doubt shock you, just as it stunned me. It truly is unbelievable!

Background to the story:

Three years ago I launched a call for a Royal Commission into Islam in Australia. It was well supported, but by not nearly enough citizens.

A LOT of 'smarties' argued with me.

ALL organisations and groups and wanna-be 'leaders' - especially Qsociety, who were supposedly leading the way against Islam - refused to support the call.

Now, shockingly, three years later a very important person agrees that it is VITAL that the Federal Government urgently investigates Islam in Australia and gets to the (unbelievable!) truth of what is being planned.

Forget 'acts of terror' - this is monumentally worse!

No, the person is not Pauline Hanson, who, I very strongly suspect - simply copied my call for a Royal Commission without accrediting me.

Lest you find it impossible to believe that such an important, influential - and unlikely person could be 'on side' with OzUnited, watch the 2-minute video and see for yourself:

(forwarded by Adrian Barnett)

Marine Le Pen will not put up with any nonsense

from BBC reporter

"Are you trying to give me a lesson in morals"? This is one tough lady

(from Lyn Vickery)

Message from Texas


(from Bob Vinnicombe)

‘Based Stick Man’ Fights Antifa Leftists At Trump

Rally, Gets Arrested

Kyle Chapman, the 'Based Stick Man,' also known as the 'Alt-Knight,' was wearing a gas mask and carrying a long stick at the Berkeley March4Trump this weekend. He was arrested on six felony charges for hitting anti-Trump demonstrators with the stick. WeSearchr has raised over $73,000 for Chapman’s legal defence after GoFundMe rejected his campaign. [...]

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Soros Gave The ACLU $35 Million To Train Anti-

Government Protesters

The American Civil Liberties Union is moving away from legal advocacy to organizing and training revolutionary protest groups called People Power. Soros' Open Society Institute has given the ACLU over $35 million and millions more to other leftist organizations to file lawsuits against the policies of President Trump. This is part of


Soros' strategy to "reshape the American justice system" which includes funding leftist district attorneys in political races across the country. [...]

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Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’ Exposes CIA Spy Secrets For

Snooping & Controlling Cars

Wikileaks publishes the first document dump for 'Vault 7' that exposes CIA spying secrets such as its ability to break into iPhones, Android phones, and computers. Cellphone apps can be compromised, microphones on smart TVs can be used for eavesdropping, and cars can be remotely controlled to create fatal accidents. [...]

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Study: Vaccinated Children Have 700% Higher Chance Of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

A new vaccine study was censored on the internet six hours after it was posted online because the data indicated that unvaccinated children were healthier. The study polled mothers who homeschool their children, with 39% of them opting out of vaccines. The data indicated that the vaccinated children had a 700% increase in being diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder (NDD), including a 2-fold increase in autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, a 2-fold increase in ADHD diagnosis and a 2- fold increase in learning disabilities. [...]

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CIA Capable Of Cyber ‘False Flag’ To Frame

Russia As Hacker

Wikileaks Vault 7 documents show that the CIA has the capability, and the express intention, of replacing the “fingerprint” of cyber-attacks it conducts with another entity to create a false flag. Therefore, the CIA’s alleged evidence that Russia hacked the US election, or anything else for that matter, should be reconsidered in light of this information. [...]

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CNN Claims ‘Technical Glitch’ Whenever They

Censor Someone For Telling The Truth

CNN is becoming infamous for cutting the cameras and microphone when someone goes off-script and reveals some truth that they cannot refute or says something to embarrass them. Most recently, CNN cut the feed when Congressman Scott Taylor said that 30% of domestic terrorism is caused by refugees. [...]

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More Shenanigans From 3 Pakistani Brothers Who Serviced US House Members IT Systems

Three Muslim Pakistani brothers, Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan, who were employed as IT techs by some Democrat US Representatives, and are suspected of hacking into their emails and stealing from them while collecting $5

million for their work, are back in the spotlight. They are accused of keeping their step-mother under illegal captivity for more than three months. They made severe threats against her family in Pakistan while they shifted assets out of her name during their father's illness and death. [...]

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(the above from Adrian Barnett)

Ordinary British ‘man in the street’ reacts to

Muslim terror attack in London



(from Bob Vinnicombe)

Pauline Hanson says ban Muslim immigration


(from Bob Vinnicombe)

Port Arthur massacre – a Mossad operation

MUST OPEN massacre-mossad-operation/

(from Adrian Barnett)

President Trump address to Congress channel-fnc.html

(from Lyn Vickery)

Proof: In just 50 years, if we don't act now, Islam

will take over the world

(from Vern Baldock)

The inventor of the web says we’ve lost control of

our personal data. inventor-of-the-web-says-weve-lost-control-of-our- personal-data/news- story/2fa175e8b5725a0ae874e576e4cffd66

(from Adrian Barnett)

Trump Busts 1,500 Paedophiles – Media Keeps


by Bradley Eli, Church Militant 8 March, 2017 busts-1500-pedophiles-media-keeps-silent

(from Jay Nauss)

Trump is right about immigrant crime!

You may find this hard to believe... This is (was) the Obama administration. This is why Trump’s platform about illegal immigration is resonating with so many Americans. Watch this and pass it on, only 3½ minutes. It’s dated 28/4/2016 This is staggering. Absolutely unbelievable. And it gets NO press. Chairman Chaffetz Opener - Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security 4/28/2016. embed/2QOwAJ2ez6U?rel=0

(from Jay Nauss)


Video footage of Muslim terror attack on St

Petersburg train


(from Bob Vinnicombe)

We must liven up current affairs TV in Australia

Send Leigh Sales to Egypt for training

(from Bob Vinnicombe)

"We are going to audit the Federal Reserve"

Jason Chaffetz Shocks Democrats

We must audit the RBA here also!

Creating ‘money’ at the flick of a key (nothing wrong with that), but then lending it out as an interest-bearing debt. (The interest was not created in the first place!)

7 y/o blind Freddy can see that it is mathematically impossible. Then they lend out a bigger loan to cover the first one! And so on, and so on.

Been doing it for centuries! (Not taught in universities) Bloody thieves!

Click on the Youtube video

When this happens, Rothschilds NWO will fall. May they burn in the hell they created for us.

(from Max Bolte)

Your Utility Company Is Spying On You And Selling Information On Your Activities To Corporations, Governments, And … Who Else?

Jerry Day analyses a sales video for a software program that enables utility companies to collect data on the minute-by-minute activities of their customers. It creates personal profiles on energy users to be sold to anyone willing to pay for it, which means anyone who can benefit from it. None of this is for the benefit of those being spied upon. [...]

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(from Ray Platt)