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"A Republic will replace our British inherited rights, freedoms and liberties with United Nation Law!!"

"A REPUBLIC will replace our British inherited rights, freedoms and liberties with UNITED NATION'S LAW!!"

Millions of men and women and the GHOSTS OF MILLIONS MORE fought, were dispossessed, sold into slavery, tortured, imprisoned and put to death for their belief in DEMOCRACY AND A FAIR GO!!


That is whilst they are still LAW in Australia!!

Whilst you and I are far removed from those dreadful times....we cannot afford to drop our guard! In later pages, we will show you some of the U.N. laws that our politicians have signed....ever so slowly, the noose is tightening... we must act soon, as it is, we have lost control of the political executive.....our Ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating once said..."The Senate is full of swill!
And I guess he wasn't too far off the mark when you consider the Bob Browns and Natasha Stot Despojas that are elected to this place.

In order to PROTECT and SECURE the RIGHTS and LIBERTIES that you and I enjoy today…… a number of agreements or charters were written and King John, ruthless monarch at the best of time was forced to sign on the dotted line……… this treaty ended up being one of the greatest single agreements in man’s short history…. it was signed in 1215 at Runnymede in England and was called MAGNA CHARTA…….. and although you probably haven't been told……it is still law today!!

There are a number of other very famous charters sealed and signed in the last one thousand years as a result of the sacrifice hundreds of generations…….

These included THE BILL OF RIGHTS, HABEAS CORPUS and others but the most important fact to emerge is that ALL OF THESE FAMOUS AGREEMENTS ARE ALSO, STILL LAW TODAY but again, you wouldn't’t have been told of this powerful documentation…..

You ask why??

Because our political party politicians and the CHAMPAIGN REPUBLICAN ELITE don’t want us to know……

REMEMBER…. "A republic of any type will send these agreements to the shredder…. IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THESE TRAITORS and lets not pull any punches…. that’s what they are…. are prepared to DESTROY OUR BRITISH INHERITED RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS AND REPLACE THEM WITH "UNLAWFUL" UNITED NATION LAWS!!

Those Republicans who are "honorably elected members of parliament" are the very same HYPOCRITICAL BASTARDS that swore allegiance to the crown to serve in Her Majesties Government and then tried to firstly erode the power of the crown and when that failed, they pulled their TRUMP CARD.....a duplicitous referendum that was loaded with Republican sympathizers and supporters who, when their scheme was torpedoed, refused to relinquish their cushy jobs and resign!!

Wouldn't that be the honorable thing to do? Just goes to show what we are dealing with inside the minds of A REPUBLICAN!!

Rodney says: "…… I’ll make sure that MAGNA CARTA is sent to the DUSTBIN OF HISTORY….. UNITED NATION laws are the way to go!!