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Mission Statement page 15 Flags, and the Traditional Family Unit as a powerful moral benchmark and continued safeguard throughout our communities .... if in time a genuine constitutional model, anointed by ordinary Australian men and women, without having been tainted by the stench of political or ethnic activism can be found. then Australian Spirit would be prepared to revisit the constitution question and investigate such an unlikely proposition ... however, it remains common knowledge and is a well documented fact that an Inordinate Asian Pro Republican Influence was active during the recent referendum to vote down our nations constitution .... this exposes an interesting parallel!! The very same *cashed up' Asian groups were responsible for their opposition to Pauline Hanson's One Nation being registered as a political party I believe that it is about time a broom was put through China Town and Its hidden activities further investigation of considerable tax funds to support an alien culture and exposure of specimen samples relating to endangered species may well reflect and induce unwanted gastric reflux from some in the Chinese community! These are the very same people who celebrated the Hong Kong handover to China and turned their backs on the Tiannaman Square massacre where more than a thousand students were cut down and murdered in cold blood .... this is an ethnic group that dispossesses, tortures, imprisons and executes so called dissidents who do not agree with the communist party doctrine year of the snake, how appropriate .... perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye ... why did the Asian Community react with such

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