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Mission Statement page 13 same motley crew repeats the same stupid mistakes over and over! Hundred of billions of your hard earned tax dollars have been chucked down the drain .... they even helped a number of Asian countries with self-induced debt to the tune of six billion dollars .... words fail me!! Every Party is tarred with the same brush, a party selected candidate has no say and votes according to the party line ... oh,, such hypocrisy when democratic ideals are embraced where a few votes can erode all sense of moral integrity! Obligatory Preferential Voting casts a suspicious shadow and remains a deliberate trap to the unwary! Equally, allowing politicians to dictate which box we number remains a blight on the electoral process!! It erodes the Democratic Principle and manipulates electoral control where our vote could end up on the tally sheet of a candidate we didn't vote for! Appointing a politician as Speaker of the house is an affront to the Westminster tradition and a further travesty of free speech .... if it has to be a politician, he or she must be an independent.  Statistical voting patterns bear mute witness and expose a measured attempt time and time again to subjugate our very Freedoms and rights! Make no bones about it Australia, these are the same Political Cretins that have R61---ted, Raped, and Ravaged the Economic and Social Sanctum of our country for Fifty years and now they have purposely created Activist Minorities to do their dirty work and further divide our

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