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Mission Statement page 10 those without simple comprehensive skills or those who can't see the forest for the trees have been Outwitted by a greedy capricious ideological elite who will leave no stone unturned to achieve their global objectives and the social engineering bureaucracy is the medium in which they incubate .... their Ideological Metamorphosis is as divisive as it is dangerous, it is a blatant assault upon the integrity, the identity and the Christian foundation of our Australian nation!! Australian Spirit needs your Loyalty, your Strength of conviction and your Membership Now! With it we will become a Force to be Reckoned With. Without 'It we will slowly submerge into the quicksand of a moral depravity and drown in a socio-economic self-made catastrophe! Our primary direction and first priority will be to increase our awareness. challenge our understanding and arm our suspicion! We will expose the Duplicitous Stunts and Deceitful Primordial Depths to which the Party Machine has plunged in order to delude and negate our sense of responsibility, betray our trust and encourage our faith so as to extract as many votes as possible to secure office! Imagine, if you will an organisation that doesn't require our votes.) is not in parliament, is not a political party, owes no allegiance except to Those who built this country and those who Did Not Return, but has the capacity and credibility to Influence sufficient votes,) Impose unwelcome exposure, and Ensure that party executives listen and act positively to our dissent!!

Continuance of Mission Statement Page 10

Politics and the Party Machine....

The sooner you and I vote for a INDEPENDENT or a Party that will look after the interests of AUSTRALIANS FIRST instead every bloody FOREIGN CULTURE and ETHNIC enclave will be the Party that will lead our country out of the WILDERNESS!!


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