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Mission Statement page 4 Justice and a fair go are the preserve of the Champagne Elite or those who mix in the right circles, and those fortunates who can afford to pay the piper, or even better.... piss in the pockets of the piper!! In a 'so called' egalitarian society,, far too many such examples exist ... the casualties remain a malignant malaise on what passes as government for the people by the people ... these include health, housing, employment, socio-economic deprivation and the "inherited" right to a credible legal defence are fundamental necessities that reflect the domain of the 'have nots'! It is not half obvious that career bureaucrats and the judiciary, like our 'party' politicians, have become a law unto themselves ... we believe it is time lawyers were put on notice and that judges were judged ... not by politicians mind, and most certainly not by their peers! The needs and liberties of ordinary folk like you and I have been trodden on and treated with absolute contempt for far too long. The separation of powers is a pertinent example but when the Judiciary are 'selected' and '.appointed' by the very politicians they serve, that separation is, not as separate as some would have us believe!! Common every day rights and freedoms are being reinterpreted to suit Distorted Politically Correct Ideological Fashions in which you and I have no say, nor is our advice sought. The great inherited charters that reflect Magna Charta. The Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus gave our nation it's rights, it's freedoms, the rule

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Page 4

"Justice and a fair go are the PRESERVE of the CHAMPAGNE ELITE or those who mix in the right circles and those fortunates who can afford to pay the piper, or even better.... PISS IN THE POCKETS OF THE PIPER!!"


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