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You're Teaching Our Children What?


They're all here! Make sure you watch them all to find out what 'Safe Schools' is really teaching our kids.


Gender Neutral Language & Toilets

Safe Schools asks boys and girls to use the same toilets and change rooms.

Sexuality is Fluid

Sexuality is Fluid

Safe Schools teaches that sexuality is fluid. You can be attracted to boys, or girls, both, or none and this can change at any time.

Celebrates Sexuality

Safe Schools Celebrates Sexuality

One ‘All of Us’ lesson encourages students to celebrate sexuality, sexual diversity and intersex status.

Do children really need to celebrate sexuality?

Gender Theory

Safe Schools is not an Ant-Bullying Program

Why does the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ resource only mention ‘Bullying’ 7 times? But the word ‘Gender’ is mentioned more than 190 times.

Gender Theory

Safe Schools Teaches Gender Theory as Fact

The All of Us program seeks to change young people’s minds about gender and encourages them to be open to transgender. It makes cross dressing and transgender behaviour seem normal.

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