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Former hairdresser claims she can work miracles by curing cancer

A FORMER hairdresser who claims she can cure cancer through “emotional healing” is charging patients up to $2000 at her holistic retreat.

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And now the Cancer Council is urging health authorities to investigate the bizarre claims made by mother-of-three Lynnie Nichols.

Natural healer Lynnie Nichols meditates at her Coolum Beach home. Picture: Lachie Millard

Ms Nichols tells terminally ill patients chemotherapy is poisonous and should be avoided at all costs, instead signing them up for seven-day detox packages at a retreat in Bali, or charging $200 for emotional healing over Skype.

She says she has performed “instant miracles”, ridding people of cancer after two-hour therapy sessions that help them get in touch with their emotions.

“I’ve seen cancer cured instantly through emotional healing,” she said. “It was like a miracle in front of my eyes.

“A woman with bowel cancer saw a pole of white light come down and hit her in the stomach, and four weeks later, her cancer was gone.

“It’s better if people don’t have conventional medicine in the first place, because chemotherapy kills off so many good cells it makes it hard for the body to heal naturally.”

The comments have angered the Australian Medical Association, with doctors accusing Ms Nichols of selling false hope.

Debra Walz believes Lynnie Nichols’ emotional healing helped cure her cancer. Picture: Lachie Millard

The Bali retreat package, which launches in August, costs $1895, plus flights and insurance.

As well as targeting cancer patients, Ms Nichols says it is suitable for “anyone who wants to prevent disease”.

It includes two emotional healing workshops, a body-cleansing workshop, and a vibration healing workshop with crystals.

Ms Nichols previously owned Queensland’s Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat, where patients paid almost $2500 for seven-day visits. She is set to open a retreat on the Sunshine Coast next month.

The 46-year-old also recommends cancer patients use water fasting, juice fasting and enemas.

She details her theories in her new book, The Recipe, and said her retreat should be a first choice for cancer patients because their chance of recovery was far better than with chemotherapy.

“Legally, doctors have to advise people to have chemotherapy,” she said. “I find that disgusting. It’s manslaughter.”

But AMA Queensland president Dr Chris Zappala said there was no evidence that emotional healing cured cancer. “To suggest she can cure cancer, take payment for it and dissuade people from evidence-based medical treatments is a travesty,’’ he said.

“Chemotherapy works, and there is no question that it doesn’t. This is giving false hope to people in dire situations.”

But when Sunshine Coast grandmother Debra Walz saw a bolt of white light pass through her stomach, she says she knew her cancer was gone.

“It was a miracle,” she said. “All of a sudden what appeared to me was a stream of white light from somewhere up there, and it came through my abdominal area and was so near to me, I felt like I could touch it and hold it.

“I felt like everything had pulled all my pain. In that instant, it disappeared. Not only physically but mentally, I was a different person.

“I felt euphoric, as if there was so much love in me.”

Lynnie Nichols, who follows natural healing practices, prepares a fresh juice at her Coolum Beach home. Picture: Lachie Millard

Eighteen months on, the 56-year-old of Verrierdale, remembers that day at Lynnie Nichols’ former Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat like it was yesterday.

Suffering from bowel cancer, she had chosen to visit Ms Nichols after refusing the recommended chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

She had undergone six operations in 10 months and was keen to get out of hospital for a week at the retreat and some emotional healing.

She said: “I felt that chemotherapy would kill me in such a weakened state.

“The doctors weren’t very happy about it but it was my decision.


“Lynnie picked up on my feelings of negativity and was very in tune with me emotionally.

“After the first emotional healing session, I felt so enlightened and so in touch with why I got cancer, which was due to deep-seated emotional issues.

“During the second session, I had my eyes closed and Lynne was talking to me and asking me questions.

“That’s when the light came down.”

Four weeks later, doctors told Mrs Walz her cancer had gone.

“It wasn’t the operations that cured me. If I had relied on that, they were more likely to kill me,” she said.

“It is a reassurance that miracles can happen. There’s a power out there greater than us, somewhere, if we believe.”

Today, Mrs Walz is still in remission and shares her story with others in her new book A Whole New Me.