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Fabric of Freedom by Don Pinwill – Don’t Change our Flag by Dr. Rupert Goodman

The publications "The Fabric of Freedom" by Don Pinwill....


"Don't Change our Flag" by Dr. Rupert Goodman

.....are two excellent books that investigate and promote the powerful historical Christian origins of our National Flag and also exposes the REPUBLICANS and their POLITICAL ALLIE'S "well planned" assault on our foremost NATIONAL symbol!

These are books that should be read by every Australian…… Dr. Rupert Goodman A.M. wrote "DON’T CHANGE OUR FLAG" and exposes all the blatant lies, mistruths and deliberate mischief perpetrated by the REPUBLICANS and many of their POLITICAL PARTY MATES!! Dr. Goodman is past PRESIDENT of the Australian National Flag Association.

The publication "FABRIC OF FREEDOM" was written by Don J. Pinwill, a farmer and Senater canditiate for Australia First lives at Kingaroy. He has studied primarily, the CHRISTIAN heritage and history behind our NATIONAL FLAG…. some of which, has been used in this project!

For enquiries, the reader may like to approach the Australian National Flag Association

Eventually, both books will be provided on this domain site for the reader's interest. In the Sequent Australian Flags, the reader will find a detailed history of the Australian Flag. For further origins of the Union Jack, there is a publication written and researched by Nick Groom 'The Union Jack', it makes compelling reading by anyone interested in our foremost national symbol.