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We’ll meet again…. Don't know where.

We’ll meet again, Don't know where......

Look at those beautiful faces….. mothers, sisters, daughters, nurses, drivers, radio operators….. how many were DEFILED, TORTURED, AND MURDERED BY THE JAPANESE DURING WORLD WAR II ??

Some of these ladies could be your mother or your granmother.....take the time and ask, don't let their sacrifice be for nothing young Australia!

Don't worry.....we won't forget and nor will the many decent Australians who still this country theri home.....we will ensure that our children and their children know and understand what crimes the JAPANESE carried out on Australian women!

Global trade is no excuse for our Australian politicians to grovell at the feet of corporate Japan and forget past atrosities....

AS time goes on, these atrocities will once again be exposed…..we will ensure that young Australians know what happened regarding the JAPANESE SAVAGERY AND BRUTALITY that MOSTLY WENT UNPUNISHED because of the requirement for political stability, access to future trade and of course, a golden opportunity to enhance "the corporate bottom line" !!

Young Australians are going to find out more than they bargained for!!!

"Yes we'll meet again ….. don't know where…..