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Never say die

Aussies Never say Die.......they just get on with the bloody job!!

Aussie Diggers charged across blinding sand storm deserts, they struggled over treacherous mountain passes, they fought through stinking hot jungles while every inch of the way, their fight for freedom reflected a NEVER SAY DIE attitude!!

"Our VIETNAM VETS,They had True GRIT.....but when they arrived home, they had to put up with HATRED, ABUSE AND VIOLENT STREET DEMONSTRATION BY THE ALP AND THE LOONEY LEFT OF POLITICS! This SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR was perpetrated by those who now support the DEMOCRATS and the GREENS......these are real PATRIOTIC would never trust them to stand by you in the front line....that's the type of SNIVEL LIBERTARIAN people that are now calling our country HOME!!  There are numerous descriptive adjectives to describe such behaviour but I believe the reader will get the drift!!

And anyway, why would anybody in the right mind want to vote for these pathetic cringe elements....all of their PREFERENCES go to the LIBERALS and the LABOR CAMP.....YEP, back to square one!!