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Treason in Australia by Allen Gourley

TREASON in Australia by Allen Gourley

This is a book written by Alan Gourley.  It is a must read for every bloody fair dinkum Australian.  DEMOCRACY AND TREASON IN AUSTRALIA EXPLAINS EXACTLY WHAT OUR POLITICAL PARTIES ARE UP TO!!!


RODNEY IN HIS USUAL SARCASTIC MANNER SAYS: “…Right on brother, right on!!”

RODNEY’S BROTHER SAYS: “…We’re safe mate, they’ll never read it!!”

At the top:  “It canna be true?!?”  Warning.  INCREDIBLE

“Bookshops REFUSED to stock it”

  News media remained silent!  A voice crying in the wilderness!  But 18,000 sold in 16 months by person to person recommendation proves you are now looking at the most politically influential book ever written by an Australian.


“Having read your book “Democracy and Treason in Australia”, may I congratulate you on its startling revelation.  I recommend it to each and every Australian.  Democracy and Treason in Australia provides the most disturbing and compelling bears a truth which cannot be denied.”

W.H. Garing

Air Commodore

C.B.E., D.F.C., RAAF


Dynamite…Anatomy of a Sting!!!

Ask your Teacher or Lecturer to purchase this book for further discussion!!