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The last man to attend to Nelson was a Royal Marine sergeant who washed his body and prepared him for burial. He placed Nelson's body in a barrel that contained a liquid spirit to keep the body preserved for burial ashore. A well- known strange fact concerned Lady Hamilton's grave which is in Exmouth Cemetery, a small seaside town a few miles from the Royal Marines' Commando Training Centre at Lympstone on the road to Exeter.
During war time throughout the entire length and breadth of Britain all metal: railings, gates, wire fences, high railings around schools and churches, any meatal that could be cut and burnt off was taken for the war effort. All farm and mansion gates were replaced by wood. The metal was used to make ammunition, bombs, tanks, etc. Every bit of metal was taken, even the heavy thick metal link chains that are common around some graves. Nothing was left.
The remarkable thing is that the railings around Lady Hamilton's grave were the only metal railings in all the cemeteries throughout southern England that were not removed.They stand to this day. She died a penniless pauper caused by her excessive gambling. It is not known who gave the order that her grave railings were not to be touched. Fact is stranger than fiction.