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Disgraced former Prime Minister Paul Keating And cost to taxpayer in 1996-1997

Disgraced former Prime Minister Paul (KICK 'EM IN THE HEAD) Keating And cost to taxpayer in 1996-1997.


The Master Blaster....... he's back making millions and never far from the action!

Pity the money trail RELATING to his piggery investment couldn't be unravelled.....guess we'll never know quite what the real story was!!

Big Kerry Packer, the owner of channel nine decided "all by himself" that his Sunday night program "SIXTY MINUTES" had investigated and proceeded far enough into the PIGGERY INVESTMENTS and MONEY TRAIL of one PAUL Keating......his REASON was something along the lines of "Bringing the Office of Prime Minister into disrespect!"

Big Kerry Packer's DECISION was like a bombshell out of the blue......maybe the truth was getting too close to the bone!!

VERY INTERESTING OBSERVATION AND DECISION Mr. Packer.....I trust that you can sleep at night! Your knew damn well that something very FISHY was going on....whether it was criminal or not, we may never know and I guess you must have your reasons.....still, it's your business and you are the Chief Executive!

It has often been said that our KERRY'S MEDIA EMPIRE is actually the CORPORATE ARM OF THE LABOR Graham (Richo) Richardson of BULLETIN FAME well knows!!

"RICHO" once wrote a book ON POLITICS and called it "WHATEVER IT TAKES"!!

Meanwhile, back at the farm with Paul! Once again, we have an ALP POLITICIAN IN BED WITH THE UNITED NATIONS!

You are a TRAITOR to this nation PAUL KEATING and as RICHO says, "whatever it takes", you and many of your political friends will face the people's justice one day.....that is, just as soon as the judiciary is elected by ordinary men and women!!

Without the CALMING, STABLE, INFLUENCE and the RESERVE POWERS OF THE CROWN standing in his way, our disgraced former Prime Minister may have behaved in a manner outside the constraints of the ELECTED DICTATORSHIP that we now have...... If Keating had remained in power, he would have plunged this nation into divisive, racial and socio-economic it was, interest rates ranged between 18 and 25%, employment hit 11%, Federal Government revenue jumped from Fifty-three Billion dollars to One Hundred and nineteen Billion dollars and Paul Keating maintained that "HE" didn't increase taxes!!  The election that followed saw Keating reflect the largest landslide against a Political Party...... and the GOD FATHER OF REPUBLICANISM, Goof Whitless came in second!!

Goes to show........people can think for themselves and make the right decision!!

Paul Keating is yet another LABOR POLITICIAN who had full intention of shredding our NATIONAL FLAG AND CONFINING IT TO THE DUST BIN OF HISTORY!  

He first tried to change the flag but he didn't realize that our foremost NATIONAL SYMBOL had so much support......he then attacked the CROWN IN OUR CONSTITUTION. He had better luck here because most of the population do not have the slightest concept of the RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CROWN.  So he was able to sow the seeds and put the political wheels in action so that the incoming Prime Minister John Howard had little option but to allow a convention and pending advice from this farcical application, was duty bound to call a $ 50,000,000 (million) National Referendum to decide whether Australia should become a REPUBLIC.....the rest is history but more on that later. 


Kim Beazley was Paul's RIGHT HAND MAN! He made similar statements to Keating regarding the CROWN AND OUR NATIONAL FLAG....these facts have been substantiated down the track for your interest!

Keating’s faithful lieutenant Kim Whining Windbag Beazley......the now Federal Labor Opposition Leader was Paul's right hand man during all his actions!!

......and now that an election is in the air, Big Kim has an Australian National Flag to the left shoulder and another to the right shoulder!!!


This Fifty Million Dollar extravaganza TO CON THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE INTO A POLITICIAN'S REPUBLIC would have provided 2,380 jobs for our kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodney says:  “…..Meet another one of my Republican mates…..Paul has done wonders for our country.  During his reign in Government, federal tax increased from Fifty-three Billion dollars to a whopping One Hundred and nineteen Billion dollars when misguided voters placed their trust in the Coalition….Don't worry about them Paul, your $717,949 in 1996---97 is well deserved!”

The $717,949 would have created 34 jobs for our kids